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Happy Jacks RPG Network

Happy Jacks has been combining tabletop RPGs and humor since 2009. Our diverse cast produces a top-rated weekly advice show and dozens of actual plays in different systems, available as podcasts or to watch on Youtube and Twitch.

A dark close up of a group of superheroes standing on pavement at night. Their faces are not shown but you can see their boots and capes in the street light. The title reads, "Pinnacles: A wild talents actual play" and below is the Happy Jacks RPG Network logo.


It’s been 20 years since all of humanity first got superpowers. Sure, most powers basically suck, but for the few who manage to excel, they rise to the top of their field. They become… PINNACLES.

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One-Shot Actual Plays

Driven by the whims of the Happy Jacks crew, these single-serving actual plays use a variety table-top RPG systems, from old favorites, to the new and shiny. They often have guest players or GMs, and are ALWAYS a lot of fun!

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