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Happy Jacks has been combining tabletop RPGs and humor since 2009. Our diverse cast produces a top-rated weekly advice show and dozens of actual plays in different systems, available as podcasts or to watch on Youtube and Twitch.


STARSCAPE – In an untamed section of space, a mismatched crew of misfits aboard a salvaged colony ship try to survive

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Aldgate Adventures Title Card

Aldgate Adventures

SAVAGE WORLDS – Four desperate companions, fleeing their sordid pasts, become stranded in a snowy pass. Now, they must uncover the dark truths of a small down, and each other!

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A dark close up of a group of superheroes standing on pavement at night. Their faces are not shown but you can see their boots and capes in the street light. The title reads, "Pinnacles: A wild talents actual play" and below is the Happy Jacks RPG Network logo.


In a world where superpowers are commonplace, only a select few have the talent and drive to become true heroes.

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