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Happy Jacks has been combining tabletop RPGs and humor since 2009. Our diverse cast produces a top-rated weekly advice show and dozens of actual plays in different systems, available as podcasts or to watch on Youtube and Twitch.

Happy Jacks News

JackerCon: July 22-24th

JackerCon is our annual inclusive, casual online convention. It is run by Happy Jacks community volunteers and is a great opportunity to try out new-to-you systems! DATES: July 22-24th, 2022TIMES: 24 hours, we have GMs in timezones around the world!COST: FREEWHERE: The JackerCon Discord Server (Link: What is Discord?)RULES: Listed below The JackerCon Discord server is the hub of the online...

New Studio

Our new studio is DONE… mostly! It’s at least camera ready for all the parts that will be visible on screen. Check out these pictures: New light set up. Our new set up! POV facing the GM seat. New Happy Jacks studio, POV from the producer chair showing off the new board. After a bumpy start with our audio, which is to be expected after moving an entire setup, we finally just decided...

Under New Management

Starting April, 1st 2022, Kimi will be taking over the weekly advice show, which is really the last part of the network she hadn’t been responsible for already. The format, hosts, and heart of the show will stay the same, so keep the emails comin’ in! Stu is even going to drop in when he can! We hope this will be a new era of rebuilt enthusiasm for one of the legacy brands in the RPG content...