Meet the Happy Jacks Crew:

YEAH! - Stu


Podicus Rex

Stu Venable began roleplaying in the late 1970s, with the D&D Basic Set. From there he discovered Traveller and GURPS. After a decade-long hiatus from the hobby, he rediscovered roleplaying with D&D 4th Edition. He has since returned to GURPS, but he enjoys Savage Worlds, Traveller and is currently running a Legend of the Five Rings game.

He published a very controversial article in Steven Jackson’s Roleplayer #24, in June of 1991, marking him as an asshole in the RPG community. To date, he has maintained his asshole status.

Outside of gaming, Stu sells truck parts, operates a project recording studio and makes music with his folk band, the Poxy Boggards. His first podcast, the Angryfolk Music and Infantile Comedy Show, had a listenership of more than 1500. For the betterment of the entire planet, this show has been discontinued and its archive deleted.

If you’re not storing at least a small switchblade in there, you’re doing vaginas wrong. - Aabria



Aabria (she/her) began her dive into RPGs way back in 2015, after reluctantly joining her partner’s D&D campaign. They made her a Cleric. 2 sessions in, she multiclassed into Warlock (because she wanted Fireball) and NEVER LOOKED BACK.

Known primarily for clever characters with absurd amounts of sass, Aabria uses her background in comedy (stand-up/improv/writing) to bring a little levity to her games. She’s also prone to writing short character fics and posting them in the forums!

When she isn’t rolling dice, Aabria writes for film and TV, but can most easily be found on the podcasts To Be Rebooted and Checkers, as well as collaborating with the sketch group Chickbait.

Be a nice mountain. - Adam


GM / Player

Adam is a non binary (he/him), white-coded Choctaw (Chahta) from a cattle farm in rural Oklahoma. He is a costume professional, most well known for his time working on the last 4 seasons of Teen Wolf, which garnered him serious geek cred with tween girls and adult gay men the world over.

He started playing AD&D back in an undisclosed year of the eighties. He was hooked, even though his mother declared the hobby to be “of the devil.” He discovered World of Darkness in college and still refuses to give up on that hot mess.

Everything changed when he moved to LA in 2007 and got tricked into joining what was billed as a D&D game, but was actually a home brew hybrid of Dogs in the Vineyard and Prime Time Adventures. After breathing through the fear, he began to love story games, which led to his current love affair with PbtA.

After joining Nerdstrong Gym, he began gaming with Kimi who taught him how to lift heavy things and put them back down. It was there that he also met now-best-friend Jason. Adam’s single greatest achievement in the world of RPG gaming is having introduced Jason to PbtA, and the people rejoiced, for goodness resulted. This ultimately led Adam to the Happy Jacks community when Jason and Kimi asked him to run an actual play, thus Interpol X was born and life would never be the same, for the Cult of Many Abs had come to Happy Jacks.

Adam only plays insanely hot characters, and highly enjoys playing up the dichotomy of Maximum Hotness and Maximum Awkward. But he will play this combo in any system. Except GURPS.



Producer / GM / Player

Born and raised in the seat of the Happy Jacks Empire, Dave found roleplaying as a hobby in high school with Palladium and Rifts, moving on to D&D in all it’s various incarnations through college and arriving in the promised land of playing all sorts of stuff as a fairly convincing adult. A fan of all types of games, he plays anything he can find time to around the busy life of keeping three children under the age of six alive and out of prison.



Clara played her first D&D game at her best friend’s 9th birthday party in which she DM’d a sleepover of 12 other kids through a poorly drawn dungeon with only the knowledge that D&D required a dungeon, graph paper, and a die. She was later introduced to the game for real in middle school but dropped it again until she dove headfirst back into the geek community to impress a boy she liked. (It didn’t work out.) Since then she’s been relentlessly playing as many TTRPGs as her overbooked schedule will allow while being chronically productive. You can find her all over the internet as @clearly_golden or in real life singing with the Merry Wives of Windsor.

Sometimes she is a mermaid.



From a very young age, Candace gravitated toward board games, RPG video games, and the fantasy genre as a whole. She has always been a lover of books, TV, movies, and games that could bring magic and mystery into this mundane world. When she finally found people to play DND with in 2015, her life changed forever. She was hooked and her love for tabletop RPGs has only grown since. Candace is now the DM for  a DnD 5e campaign that has been running since early 2018.

In the real world, Candace works as a freelance live theatre technician helping to bring magic to the stage.



Eli started gaming in Jr. High with Palladium, D&D, and Magic: The Gathering. He was hired at Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) as a lead monkey out of high school and started by producing Clan Wars minis. While at AEG, Eli garnered accolades such as writing/editing credits on various Legends of the Five Rings books and being able to block explosive molten pewter with his hand. Fast forward 20 years, and Eli is playing L5R, but doesn’t have to deal with the molten pewter.



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Producer / Player

Gina began roleplaying in the teens of the 21st century with D&D 4e as her entry-level RPG of choice. As with all memorable firsts, there remain mixed feelings about discovery and awkwardness and exes, but a passion for RPGs was born. With a lot of catching up to do, Gina began devouring as many games as she could – playing all the games, all the time. Her RPG brain was etched early in its formative stage by playing Burning Wheel one late Sunday at her first con, and a zeal for hippie and indie games was ignited. She still loves D&D and Pathfinder but has lots and lots of love for Apocalypse World and its many sister-games, as well as the Mutant Year Zero family of RPGs (and so many others).

Outside of gaming, Gina spent most of her formative working life as a General and District Manager at the now defunct Borders bookstore chain and is now a manager of a retail establishment in Los Angeles. She still loves ‘books, music, movies, and coffee’ most of all. And beer.



J. Holtham is relatively new to gaming. He played a few rounds of Marvel Superheroes in 7th Grade. But he’s happy to be a part of the Happy Jacks crew! Outside of gaming, he collects comics, watches too much TV and sometimes writes it. He is a proud product of public education. You can find him chattering into the void on Twitter: @jholtham.

Will the deceased please roll judgement? - Jason


GM / Player

Jason is a long-time gamer who largely missed the D&D craze. He cut his teeth on games like Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, and Palladium before discovering Powered by the Apocalypse games. Now he’s the author of his own game, Demigods. You can find him at @itsProbablyOk on Twitter and to learn more.



First born son of the womb of Nut, begotten of Geb, the lord of Akert, whose existence is forever lasting! But he got over that. Jim started gaming in the early 80’s with first edition D&D and moved on to Shadowrun and the White Wolf titles during the 90’s. His love of gaming grew to indie RPG’s, miniatures, boardgames and collectibles.

Jim worked for AEG with their Clan War product and became a staff miniatures painter there during the early 2000’s. There, Jim worked with the likes of John Wick, Jim Pinto, Ree Soesbee and Eric Yaple. During this time, Jim started to volunteer with the Strategicon conventions in what was then known as the “Special Projects Team” which focused on bringing events whose scale or design could only be played at a convention venue. Since, Jim has been made department head for RPG’s and later a member of the board of directors. During his time with the convention staff Jim spearheaded the introduction of Party Games, Games on Demand and the involvement of the Sabre Legion lightsaber dueling organization.

Jim has a blog and can be found on Twitter @Plus10ToAwesome, Google+ and Facebook

Persuasion is magic! - Joey



Joey’s tabletop origin story began in the manner most of these stories often begin, playing Dungeons and Dragons (either 2.5 or 3.0…it was on the cusp and like most details from high school it has been blocked out for his own sanity). His first character was a Level 1 Wizard/Cleric/Rogue (because we totally understood how multi-classing worked ) and he nearly caused a TPK in the first session by casting “Burning Hands” in a thatch-roofed cottage. From there he progressed through D&D editions 3.0-5.0, eventually learning how multi-classing worked, realized that a Wizard/Cleric/Rogue is essentially a Bard, and has never looked back. He’d much rather play a character armed with a silver tongue than a silver hammer. He even went as far as to join The Poxy Boggards so he could call himself a Professional Bard. D&D will always be his “home” system, but the more he gets exposed to more “alternative” systems (specifically PbtA) the more he feels he may favor 2d6 over a d20.

Aside from tabletop gaming, Joey works as a musical theatre actor in sunny Southern California.

I'm well aware of my abilities, thank you! - Kimi


Producer / GM / Player

Kimi started her gaming career with video games, mostly MMORPGs. She started tabletop gaming after she grew weary of farming gold and dealing with guild drama. Now she puts her guild organizing skills to work herding the Happy Jacks hosts and keeping the AP tables full. In 2016 she persuaded Stu to try streaming content on Twitch and Youtube, a decision she regrets to varying levels depending on the strength of the internet connection on a particular night. She regularly GMs “sandbox” type games, usually in the Wild Talents or PBTA systems.

In addition to tabletop RPGs, Kimi has many geeky hobbies. She is a veteran cosplayer who makes most of her own costumes, and is especially known for dressing up as her hero Wonder Woman. Kimi has used her geek knowledge and costuming skills to contribute to multiple fan-film projects, including the Rainfall Wonder Woman trailer (2013) and Metroid: the Sky Calls (2015), and in 2015 her original Bombshell Big Barda design was used by DC Comics as the canon design for the character. In 2017, her blog post about the Amazons’ bikini-armor costumes in Justice League went viral, infuriating fanboys all over the internet and earning her mentions in Glamour, The Hollywood Reporter, People, and many other media outlets. She was relieved to fade back into internet anonymity soon after.

You can read about Kimi’s antics on most social networks as @GoldenLassoGirl or on her much neglected blog,

I'm not sorry. - Mac


Producer/GM / Player

Mac Beauvais is a true renaissance woman, or whenever it was that witches were burned at the stake. Not one for standing idly by as the world spins, she occupies her time as an actor, writer, model, cosplayer, Tarot reader, and werewolf-enthusiast. (Some may say she’s even a little too enthusiastic.) She is also a tabletop GM for several Twitch streams, running games such as Phoenix: Dawn Command, Werewolf: The Wild West, Teenagers from Outer Space, and Monsterhearts. She says she’ll sleep when she’s dead, but anyone who knows her also knows that’s a lie.

Socials are all @StrangeLikeThat



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Player/Sketchers Hater

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Opps! I'm hornets! - Samantha



Samantha is a lifelong videogamer who was introduced to tabletop gaming by the Happy Jacks Crew, in the Vampire the Masquerade Mote of Sin campaign. She has been happily Toreadoring her way through different systems with them ever since. Away from the gaming table, she can usually be found creating costumes, hanging out with her huge dog Fenris, doing ballet, or designing pop culture clothing and accessories. She is probably not a robot.

I have to pee. - Stork


GM / Player

Stork is an old man with a big nose. He began playing RPGs in the late 1970s with Dungeons & Dragons. He continued to play many other RPGs during those prehistoric days, and often waxes nostalgic about them. He also LARPed in college, at a time when LARPing was so obscure that even other nerds didn’t know what it was.

Stork is known for his thespian play style and for his terrible luck with dice. His rolls are so bad that the HJ crew coined the term “storked it” for when someone rolls horribly. This term inspired Stu’s geek song of the same name.

"The character sheets are holding you back!" - Tappy



Bitten by a radioactive RPG, Tappy has the speed of an RPG, the strength of an RPG, and the intelligence of an RPG. A lover of learning math, and then throwing it away because it is holding you down, Tappy is the crew’s leading pedant and is known to split hairs down to the picometer in lively podcast discussions. When he isn’t playing games, running games, or talking about games, he loves fucking with game rules, then enjoying a nice, relaxing cigarette afterwards.



Teri Gamble is an international performing artist, producer, writer and drama coach. She has her BA in Theater Arts from UCLA, an MFA from Harvard and her MBA from University of Phoenix. Teri has worked as a teacher and a consultant for many different industries, but theatre is her first love! Teri has been playing TTRPG’s for the last five years and you can hear her not only at Happy Jack’s, but also for one offs at Saving Throw Show and regularly at Twelve-Sided Stories – real play RPG Podcast.

Teri is also a Karaoke Jockey and produces the Horror Movie Survival Guide Podcast!

You can find her on the internet at the following spots!

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