The Crew

Adam (They/He)

Adam started tabletop as a tween with AD&D back in the late 80s, and was forbidden to play it after a fight with his stupid older brother. World of Darkness all-nighters through his 20s and 30s led to a new life of PbtA and story-games obsession.

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Bill (He/Him)

Bill is a well-known figure in the global gaming industry, musician, voice actor, and creative. In 2020 he and his wife Elspeth started their own tabletop game company Wondermonkey. Bill (along with Stu) is also a founding member of The Poxy Boggards.

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Blythe (She/Her)

Blythe Kala long-time geeky, queer, Latinx producer/host who's run the gambit from Geek & Sundry, Nerdist, IGN, and more! She's been playing ttrpgs since she was 10 years-old and loves getting to peform with the HappyJacks RPG family!
CADave (He/Him)

Gamer dad of all types, video/board/ttrpg.  Spending time telling amazing stories with amazing people rocks.

Clara (She/They)

Is a literal mermaid or three goblins in a trenchcoat depending on the day. She is very food motivated.

Eli (He/Him)

Eli really likes rolling polyhedrals and eating snacks and he is all out of snacks.

Emily (She/Her)

Emily is the critic-at-large for Vox and co-creator of the critically acclaimed fiction podcast Arden. She has been playing in Happy Jacks campaigns since 2019. Her favorite tabletop RPG is A Quiet Year.

Gina (She/Her)

Gina is a grammar Valkyrie and freelance editor, writer, and project manager. She started rolling with the HJ crew nearly a decade ago after falling hard for ttrpgs and is the panel and streaming channel coordinator for Big Bad Con. Irrevocable optimist energy.

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J. (He/Him)

J. writes things.

Jameson (He/Him)

Content and systems designer for Dungeon in a Box and Hunters Entertainment. Host and creator of Games we Never Play. Avid GM and maker of funny voices.

Jason (He/Him)

Jason is a game designer and streamer. He created Demigods and kickstarted it in 2019. He streams video games and ttrpgs with Happy Jack's and on his channel.

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Jim (He/Him)

Head of the RPG department for Strategicon conventions with 40 years experience in role playing games. Jim loves the RPG hobby and more than that loves the community of fans that love the hobby.

Joe (He/Him)

Storyteller, metaphysics consultant, character backstory enthusiast. Just a simple story/rpg gamer making his way through life, one tragic and heart-tugging character backstory at a time. Often found yelling into the void about tv shows that ruin metaphysics, magic, and spiritual lore.

Kimi (She/Her)
Spreadsheet Queen

Kimi is a gaming, cosplaying nerd. She has been with Happy Jacks for over 10 years and recently started her own game design company, Golden Lasso Games.

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Mac (She/Her)

Mac Beauvais is a true renaissance woman (or whenever it was that witches were burned at the stake). She is an artist, actor, writer, model, Tarot reader, gamer, and probably a werewolf.
Moe (He/Him)

Writer, game designer, filmmaker. 

Nick (He/Him)

Playing RPGs since seeing the hex map for Greyhawk as a kid. Nick loves participating in telling wonderful stories in amazing worlds. An avid reader, Nick loves learning new things and has more hobbies than free time.

Pooja (She/Her)

Loves SFF, hates naming characters.

Rob (He/Him)

Got his RPG start in Palladium with one of the best universes ever - Rifts. Allowed to play on HappyJacks primarily to heckle Jason.

Stork (He/Him)

Stork played all the RPGs he could find in his youth, WAY back in the distant past of the late 70s but then life got in the way. Cut to many years later, Stork shared a book with Stu about a guy who used to game but then life got in the way.  Stu was inspired to start gaming again and swept Stork up in his wake.  Life still gets in the way, but now Stork tries to make some room for gaming.

Stu (He/Him)
Podicus Rex

Stu began role-playing in the late 1970s with the DnD Red Box Edition in a friend's basement. After designing several ridiculous Monty Hall dungeons, he discovered that stories can be about more than killing monsters and taking their stuff. In the mid-1980s he discovered the Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS (Yeah!)). He is the co-founder and director of the World Famous Poxy Boggards, a songwriter and occasional Renaissance Faire performer. He's designed one little-played RPG, Moment of Truth, and has written three self-published novels. He is the father of two.