October 2023

– The next Game Daze is happening on November 4th! Join the discord for a day of community run games by all the great people in our community. It’s totally free to participate and we always have a great selection of RPGs offered.

– Our October Indie Designer of the Month is Monroe Wells-Soto! You can find find his work at monroeroe.itch.io 

– Our One Ring actual play, The Unsung Tales won Best Video Actual Play at the Sydney web fest!!

– Jay Africa won Best Player Character at the New Jersey Web Fest for his character in, The Unsung Tales!!

Patreon News:

– Our new end-of-show Patreon credits are done! If your name is missing You MUST fill out this Google Form for your name to be added! We don’t automatically add names from Patreon because some people do not want their full name listed or want to be known by another name. 

– Kimi will be running a short campaign of her game Starscape for d20 backers starting in October. If you back at that level stay tuned and join the Discord if possible for easy communication. 

– I’m still tracking down the missing season 1 episodes for the backlog feed. I know they are somewhere but our oldest storage has been reorganized multiple times by multiple people. If all else fails, they are on one of the external drives stacked in my house. 

– Big Bad Con was amazing, but I couldn’t get ready for that and still get our Patreon-only show “Nerding Out” will be launched in September. I will be doing it for October. If you have a specific topic you’d like us to discuss, suggest it here: https://forms.gle/39eRXLoLgLN2yQcr6

Upcoming Events:

– November 4th – Discord Game Daze