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The Happy Jacks RPG Advice Show

Actual Play Podcast & Streamed Games

Call of Cthulhu
Murmurs at the Abyss (7th Edition)

Gene X (Cortex Prime)

Dungeons & Dragons
Eldemy (5th Edition D&D)
Desert of Despair (5th Edition D&D)
Dragon Heist (5th Edition D&D)
City of Towers (5th Edition D&D, 2d10 rather than d20)
Burning Embers (5th Edition D&D)

Great American Novel
Great American Witch (New System Playtest)

The Darknet (4th Edition)
Slouching Towards Eldemy: GURPS Fantasy

Legend of the Five Rings
Saga of the Inukai (L5R 4th Edition)
Dissension (Fantasy Flight Games Beta)
The Kintsugi Chronicles (L5R 4th Edition)

Saint Elco’s Fire

Moment of Truth
Vast Dominions
Border Lands: Blood, Blade & Tusk

Dead Reign

Powered by the Apocalypse
Just Us #Heroes (Masks: A New Generation)
Interpol X (Monster of the Week)
Revelations (Demigods)
Carefree High (Monsterhearts 2)
Vault 818 (Apocalypse World)
Monsoon (Demigods)
Seventh Vale (City of Mist)
Idolon Academy (Masks: A new Generation)
Stonetop: Dungeon World

Savage Worlds
Ghostbusters: Los Angeles (Savage Worlds Deluxe)
Sturmgeist (Savage Worlds Deluxe)
Tomorrow Legion (Savage Worlds Rifts)
The Spaniard’s Ghost (Pirates of the Spanish Main)
Pembrooke Investigations (Savage Worlds)

The Greenwood Collective (5th Edition)

Star Trek Adventures
Second Star

Tales from the Loop
Insert Coin 
Insert Coin: Floodwater (Things from the Flood)

Star Wars: The Imperial March (Star Wars Traveller Hack)
Exodus: Mongoose 2nd Edition
Yuma Station: Mongoose 2nd Edition

O.R.E (One Roll Engine)
Wild Wild Talents (Wild Talents)

World of Darkness
Mote of Sin (Vampire: The Masquerade)
Kindred One (Vampire: The Masquerade)
Razor Ridge (Werewolf: The Wild West)
Hollowed Plains (Vampire: The Dark Ages)
The Clockwise Court (Changeling: The Dreaming)
The Autumn People (Chronicles of Darkness)
The Glittering Night (Vampire 5th Edition)

Multiple Systems
One Shot Games
Shadow Con

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