March 2024

The last few weeks have been an incredible time for the Happy Jacks Network. We went to OrcCon 2024 and it was like old times again. We made a bunch of new friends, got to meet listeners and members of the Happy Jacks community, and had a full house for our live show. It filled our hearts and reminded us why we are still doing shows after so many years.

I (Kimi) attended GAMA Expo for the first time. It was strange attending a tabletop industry event that didn’t have a player/customer component. I learned so much about “how to sausage is made” in both good and bad ways. Despite how the fanbase is changing and becoming visibly more diverse through actual plays and content creators, the creation and production side of things is still very much still what you’d expect. More than once I looked up to find myself as one of maybe a dozen feminine-presenting people in a room ove 200+ people. It reminded me of when I first started attending gaming conventions over a decade ago. It made me thankful for how far we have come, but reminded me how much work we still have to do. I’m proud that Happy Jacks can support that work with our Indie Designer of the Month and by platforming such an incredible variety of talented individuals on our shows.

Thank YOU for helping us continue that important work.

Happy Jacks News:

  • The next Game Daze is happening Saturday, May 18th. Head over to the  Happy Jacks Discord to join in the fun!
  • Our Indie Designer of the Month for March is Logan Timmins (he/him)! You can find his work at
  • Enge’s Savage Worlds campaign, Aldgate Adventures, will be starting with session zero on April 4th and be running every Thursday. We have a bunch of new faces and it’s sure to be an amazing story. Check for all the updates!

Patreon News:

  • Our most recent Nerding Out episode was about Marvel Phase 1! You can watch it here on our Patreon page or it will be posted on the Patreon podcast feed soon. 
  • Our Blade Runner actual play, Burning Bright, did its wrap-up discussion. You can watch it here on the Patreon page or it will be posted to the Patreon podcast feed soon.

Upcoming Events:

  • April 4 – Savage World AP starts
  • May 18th – Game Daze on the Happy Jacks Discord
  • May 24- 27 – GamEx at the Hilton LAX (Live HJ show on Sat)