Under New Management

Starting April, 1st 2022, Kimi will be taking over the weekly advice show, which is really the last part of the network she hadn’t been responsible for already. The format, hosts, and heart of the show will stay the same, so keep the emails comin’ in! Stu is even going to drop in when he can! We hope this will be a new era of rebuilt enthusiasm for one of the legacy brands in the RPG content world.

Since 2009, Stu has been the Captain here at Happy Jacks RPG. He started this podcast as an act of love and devotion to the TTRPG hobby, and over the years it became much more than that. It became a community of like-minded gamers who worked to make the hobby better and more inclusive of all types of games and gamers. It has grown the the production side as well, with multiple podcast feeds, Twitch and Youtube channels and thriving online communities. It’s a lot to run and maintain. With Stu’s kids leaving the nest in the next few years, he wants to focus on other things besides Happy Jacks. After thirteen years, he is stepping aside and letting our longtime network manager Kimi move from First-mate to Captain. Thank you for all these years of amazing content and for starting this awesome community, Stu!

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