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Happy Jacks News Bulletin 04-02a

Bulletin regarding WotC’s announcement about the Character Builder.
To view the source, go to and find the 04-02a links.

Announcing Happy Jacks Gameday 2 – Orccon 2011!

Announcing Happy Jacks Game Day 2. A big “thank you” to the listeners who came out for our first game day at Gateway2010, and to our friends at Strategicon for their cooperation and hospitality. We had so much fun at Gateway, that we’re chomping at the bit for Orccon 2011. Orccon runs Saturday, February 19th 2011. Join us for a day of gaming and gab. We’ll run (and play)...

We Hit iTunes “Other Games” Top 10!

This is a screen grab I just took from iTunes. This is the first time we’ve hit the top 10 since iTunes changed their listing from top 25 to top 10.
A big “thank you” to our listeners.

Listener Survey Results

Here are some of the results from our latest listener survey. We had 70 responses, which is two or three times our previous responses. Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edtition 19.73% Dungeons and Dragons 3rd, 3.5 or Pathfinder 12.93% Star Wars 10.2% Savage Worlds 8.16% GURPS 7.48% Homebrew 7.48% White Wolf 7.48% Traveller 6.8% Chaosium/BRP (includes Call of Cthulhu) 5.44% Shadow Run 4.08% Other D20 OGL...