Happy Jacks Live Stream

I’ve been very remiss publicizing the fact that we stream the show live as we’re recording it, so this is my attempt to remedy that.

For your information, our show recording time has moved to Saturday around 11am Pacific (1900 UTC).

I generally send out notifications 30 minutes or so before we start the stream. You can find these notifications on Twitter, our Facebook page  and our Facebook group. I also send out notifications about the current topic of discussion during the show.

You can hear and see the show as it’s recording in a Google hangout. This video is embedded on our live page at happyjacks.org/live. Also on this page is a chat client, so you can chat will fellow listeners while watching or listening to the show.

I try to monitor the chat room during the show (and several  hosts take on this responsibility when they are on as well), as often the listeners often contribute to the discussion.

If you like to hear the show live and chat with us while we’re recording, join us!


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