An Actual Play Update from Stu

You might notice an accelerated release schedule of actual plays this week. The  reason I’m doing this is because I’m going to attempt to stream our actual play session on I have no idea how well it’s going to work, but I’m going to try it. And because I think spoilers suck, I’ve decided to put out all the Mote of Sin sessions this week (with Mote15 dropping on Saturday), as we’re playing Mote16 on Sunday (schedule permitting).

Once everything’s set up, I’ll make sure you know how to get to Twitch to watch it if you like.

Scheduling Change

Empire’s Twilight, our FFG Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game, is going to every other Tuesday, rather than every Tuesday. The reason for this it two fold: We rarely make every week anyway, and I needed to free up some time for something I’ve been working on for a long time that needs to get finished, namely…

Moment of Truth: Vast Dominions Actual Play/Play Test

Moment of Truth is now to the point where I need to run a campaign, rather than one shots and short campaigns. This game with take place on alternate Tuesdays, and I’m also going to attempt to broadcast this game on Twitch as well.

Vast Dominions (for those who haven’t heard the last show) is the new name for the Big Blue Monkeys from Outer Space setting that I’ve been running at conventions. I’m currently developing the setting as the first support piece for Moment of Truth, once it is ready to go.