Yet Another Forum Announcement (sigh)

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Once more into the fray of spam bots. The manual registration approval didn’t work. I can’t tell if a user is a spambot or not (some I can, but the sheer volume of spammy registrations made it difficult to keep up.

I *did* discover the cause of my problems with the phpbb security settings — it was an old, yet beautiful, default forum style. So I switched it to the original style and deleted the incompatible one.

Everything is now set up with a stronger security plugin.

I’ve deleted all user accounts that I didn’t approve. I apologize for this, but there was no way to differentiate spambots from our beloved listeners. You can now authorize your own accounts (and assemble a neat picture in the process). It should be all-good now.

If you registered, and your account was never approved, please re-register. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.