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Our most recent iTunes review. Thank you for the kind words.

“One of the best RPG podcasts out there”

Of all of the gaming podcast I listen to, Happy Jacks is my current favorite. The show is informative, thought provoking, and above all fun to listen to. It feels very much like shooting the breeze with friends. The hosts are apologetically opinionated on their topics, but are also intelligent enough to back up what they say. Best of all, the show has been very reliable in posting weekly episodes. That’s a tough schedule to keep, especially while maintaining the quality that they do.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast. You MUST give it a listen. To the hosts, sorry it’s taken me so long to post this review. I should have done so months ago. Believe me, you’ve earned every star I’ve given and more.