A Quick Note on Listener Email

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In the past few episodes, I’ve mentioned how we got way behind on emails. I realized that this may be interpreted to mean that we don’t WANT email. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The point of Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast is to create a dialog about our hobby with our listeners. When we combine our experience and years of gaming with our listeners’ experience and years of gaming, we can exponentially more wisdom about the hobby than the hosts alone could hope to offer.

When Gammonstark was in recording 03-02, he mentioned that he was very excited that we recorded an episode to catch up on your emails. As he noted, some of our most compelling discussions have stemmed from ideas and problems brought up in your emails.

We take listener feedback very seriously and make every effort to share every email with the audience. Some get edited down for time, and a few have been lost (due to my own ineptitude), but to-date, all of the emails we’ve received have had something meaningful, interesting or entertaining to contribute to the show.

Please keep the email coming. Yes, the mailbox gets rather full at times, and we’re brain-storming ways to keep up with the emails and present them in a timely manner. This may occasionally mean that we publish more than one episode a week. But we’ll figure it out.

And also note: we want to hear ALL of your comments: the good and the bad. If you disagree with us, let us know. We are not afraid of controversy, and we are not afraid of being called out as douchebags.

If there’s something about the show that you feel needs improvement, let us know. Within the constraints of our 12-year-old sense of humor, tendency to drink while recording, and occasional need to belch, we want to produce the show you want to listen to.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us email over the last 11 months (hey! our 1-year anniversary is coming up!). You have contributed to the show more than you know. Keep ’em coming.