HJRP S30E11 | Improv for Gamers, a Favorite RPG Moment, & Another Decuma Idea

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◇ Summary: Using improv games to avoid boring sessions, new listener shares his favorite gaming moment, & using Decuma to get your group to play a new game system! | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stu (@srvenable), and Jason (@itsprobablyok)

  • 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary,
  • 2:25 – Announcements: Please leave a us a (good) review!
  • 7:24 – Anders from Denmark asks about using improv games to keep sessions interesting,
  • 24:27 – New listener Wunderflonium shares his favorite gaming moment EVER,
  • 38:33 – HeavymetalJess shares how she uses Decuma to convince her group to try playing in new systems,
  • 45:35 – Episode Closing,
  • 49:13 – Song: “Jenny of the Oldstones by The Mary Sues (merrysuesband.com)

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