HJRP S30E07 | Benefits of Imbalance, GMing for 10 Players, & a TPK Story

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◇ Summary: Using “Stars & Wishes” while GMing, Playing RPGs with Kids of different ages, and a happy story about becoming a GM | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, and Joey (@Feywilde85)

  • 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary,
  • 3:44 – Announcements: JackerCon 2022 is July 22-25. Sign up at happyjacks.org/jc
  • 5:45 – Gerald from Toranto wonders if imbalance and restrictions actually improve the gaming experience?,
  • 32:50 – New listener “CD” is a first-time GM trying to run D&D for 10 players,
  • 55:30 – Bill from Washington shares a TPK story,
  • 1:13:27 – Episode Closing,
  • 1:16:35 – Song: “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” by The Mary Sues

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