Update and Episode 11

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Firstly, our apologies for missing last week’s episode. Everyone is now right as rain and we’re ready to lay down some RPG geeky goodness (and a little douchebaggery) on Sunday.

It looks like we’re going to discuss coming up with character backgrounds, as we’ll as a large backlog of listener feedback.

We’ll also have have a special announcement for listeners only (none of the details will appear in the blog in written form).

I’m hoping to have the Episode posted by late Sunday night — and with luck, we’ll feature a song from our the new Poxy Boggards CD  (which we finish mastering tomorrow).

Site Design

You also may have noticed that I’ve changed the layout theme for the blog page. I was over at RPG Circus, and they’ve done a very nice redesign. Then I was looking at our page and I thought, “this is crap.” So I changed it.

Let us know what you think.

Listener Survey

Thanks to everyone who took our listener survey. We found your responses to be VERY eye-opening. Tappy and I discussed the survey last night and we’re going to try to modify the show some to give you more of what you want (and less of what you don’t).

If you haven’t taken the listener survey, please do. We’re doing the show for the listeners, so it stand to reason that we should know what you want out of the show. Here’s the survey post.