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Idolon Academy: Masks PBTA

System: Masks: A New Generation

Idolon Academy is a top-secret school for training young superheroes. Students dedicate their lives to mastering their powers and learning to save the world, but Idolon requires they survive their hardest challenge yet… regular old high school!

GM: Kimi
Emily – Katy Kidd aka “The Klipspringer” / The Janus Playbook
Jason – Nate Garnet aka “Gem” / The Nova Playbook
Tappy – Steve Bungalow aka “Hi-Def” / The Newborn Playbook
Aabria – Tendai Collier aka “Eye” / The Joined Playbook
Adam – Prince Daimos Cull aka “Charger” / The Scion Playbook

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