OS26 | Nine Lives to Valhalla | Gem Room Games

Nine Lives to Valhalla by Gem Room Games |

You are a death metal viking cat, earning your place in the drinking halls of Valhalla by casting a wake of blood and carnage upon the blighted earth in each of your 9 lives. Guided personally by DEATH, your merry band will leave a wake of ruin ending only at the hands of a truly worthy foe. Find treasures, trade with merchants, mercenaries, or ghosts, and follow DEATH to seek worthy foes, fiendish traps, and ensure your place among the greatest warriors of catkind!

➜ GM: Dan Phipps of Gem Room Games (@gemroomgames)
➜ CB (@kindredcb)
➜ Bill (@billroper)
➜ Jay (@jayafrica)
➜ Pooja (@@LAdesigirl)

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