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I cannot express how much your opinions about our show and its content mean to us. We are all stage performers at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, so we’re used to immediate audience feedback (they applaud and cheer if they like it, and boo that throw empty beer cups at us if they don’t).

With a podcast, we’re working in a void of audience feedback, and we’re not used to it. We can’t hear you when you’re applauding while listening to the show, and throwing empty beer cups at your iPod is kind of weird.  This is why we’re including these surveys. It lets us know what you like, what you don’t and you wish we’d do.

We learned a lot from our first listener survey, and we have already made some changes to the show since reviewing the last survey. For instance, most of you seemed somewhat indifferent about product reviews, so we’re planning on limiting our product reviews to one per episode. Conversely, nearly everyone who completed the survey wants more stories (and applicable lessons) about our gaming sessions, so we’ve tried to include more of this (and we’d include even more if we could play more often…). You also told us that you really like hear our listener feedback, so that’s become a major part of our content.

This new survey asks your opinions about some changes we’re considering making, and some other issues that may hinder our ability to join certain media networks. Your feedback will determine our course for the future, so if you have an opinion, please express it.

This new survey also includes a question about our hiatus, which will happen when we all don our goofy Elizabethan costumes and cavort at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire from Mid-March to the end of May. It won’t be possible for us to continue our normal schedule during this time, so we want your opinion about the various solutions we’ve come up with.

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