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KINTSUGI05 Happy Jacks RPG Actual Play – Saga of the Inukai: Kintsugi – L5R 4th Edition

Episode 294

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Game: Kintsugi: Saga of the Inukai

System: Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition)

GM: Stu

Players: Kimi, Stork, CADave

Summary: Rokugan is at war. The cause of this war, carried by the whispers of the kami, is known to the daimyo of a minor family, Uedo of the Inukai. A group of former ronin must travel the empire, ridding the clans of this dark influence.

Tags: podcast, podcasts, rpg, actual play, rpg ap, L5R, Kintsugi, L5R 4th, TWO DAYS

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Episode 294