It’s Not That Offensive

Start listening

Vanir at got his drawers in a twist because of an  image used by Gencon for a series of workshops for non-gaming spouses who found themselves dragged to Gencon.

I think most of us  look at this and chuckle a little or smile. “It’s an old joke,” we might say, “but it’s funny ’cause it’s true.”

Perhaps those fair ladies who actually are balls-and-chains will frown, yet may feel a tiny glimmer of warmth as they realize they can use this affront as justification for making the sad little men in their lives just a little more torturous.

But for a man to get offended? Cut it out. You’re kidding, right? I mean, it’s not like the icon was a pair of saggy tits in a muumuu, or a cottage-cheesy ass in straining spandex. Hell, they could have used a tampon for their icon. Those are offensive. But a ball and chain? That’s just someone being cute.

I called my wife to see if she thought it was offensive, because I’m not known for being the most sensitive vagina in the sandbox, and her reply was, “that’s hysterical.” And my wife actually is a ball-and-chain. She strives to make my life a living hell all the time.  I swear to God, she’s a reincarnated harpy.

Personally, I don’t understand why people would drag their non-gaming spouses to Gencon. “Hey honey, I’m gonna drop a load of cash to drag you to something you’ll absolutely hate!” How is that a good idea?

Do they really think Gencon is going to finally get them interested in their hobby? I’ve got news for you (and Gencon), it’s not going to happen. Believe me. If a woman has stomached being around a gamer long enough to marry him, he’s tried to get her interested in the hobby. He’s been able to coax her in to giving him head, but he can’t seem to get her interested in D&D. And you think your little seminar is going to work? Give it up.