HJRP S33E17 | Micro RPGs, Ideas for a Star Wars GM, & PBP Helping Burnout

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◇ Topic: Micro RPGs, Emails: Eric from New Jersey made some rash GM choices and needs ideas, | Hosts: Kimi, Clara & Samantha

  • 00:33 – Welcome & Episode Summary |
  • 1:34 – Announcements: Next Discord Game Daze will be in May (happyjacks.org/discord) & Savage Worlds actual play starting April 4th! |
  • 2:22 – Indie Designer of the Month: Logan Timmins (he/him) (breathingstories.itch.io)|
  • 4:38 – Topic: Micro RPGs |
  • 19:42 – Eric from New Jersey made some rash GM choices and needs ideas |
  • 33:34 – BeardHare talks about how PBP has helped with TTRPG burnout |
  • 51:15 – Episode Closing |
  • 53:53 – Song: “Rock Lobster” by The Dread Crew of Oddwood (thedreadcrewofoddwood.com) |

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