Happy Jack’s Banner Contest

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I want a new banner. What we have is okay, but I did it, and I have the design sense of a monkey.  SO, if you would like to try your hand at making us a new banner for the top of our page, go to!

Once we’ve collected a few, we’ll pick our favorite and send you a $10 gift certificate to Drivethrurpg.com.

Here are the rules:

  1. The image must be a .gif that is 960 pixels wide and 210 pixels high.
  2. It must contain no artwork that will get us sued. It either has to be original or public domain. If you’re not sure if the artwork you want to use is okay, err on the side of caution.
  3. The banner should include the name of the show: Happy Jacks RPG Podcast.
  4. It should also include some semblance of the “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” warning.
  5. If you want to include our tag line, “Pursuing the RPG Hobby With Reckless Abandon … and Beer” that’s great, or you can leave it out.
  6. By sending us a banner .gif, you are giving us permission to use it on our site.
  7. There is no rule 7.
  8. You can either email your submission to happyjacksrpg at gmail dot com or you can post them in our forum (there is a posting under “Contests and Promotions.”

That’s it. We look forward to seeing what our listeners can do!