HALLOW06 Happy Jacks RPG Actual Play – Hallowed Plains – Vampire the Dark Ages

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Game: Hollowed Plains

System: Vampire: the Dark Ages (20th Anniversary Edition)

GM: Kurt

Players: Aly, Gina, JiB, Maire, Stu

Summary: An uneasy quiet has descended over most of Europe. It is 1242, according to the Julian calendar, and the great threat of the Mongol Hordes have suddenly packed up and disappeared. In their wake, as they retreat from a fight they were most decidedly winning on all counts, they leave only barren wasteland behind. Sides have been drawn up, creating fragile alliances and an equally precarious temporary truce. In the middle of these divided factions lies the fertile plains of Poland, whose greatest city, Kraków, was all but destroyed by the Mongols. Picking up the pieces, the threat now is the ancient rivals on all sides, who stare at each other across Hollow Plains.

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