H.P. Lovecraft Podcast

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H.P. Lovecraft is awesome.

Any GM would do well to read some of his short stories. He uses the language in ways that are (sadly) now considered old-fashioned or corny. But in the dark of night, his prose can muster a sense of creeping dread. His use of  language borders on poetic. And in many ways his body of work is the foundation for much of the RPG hobby.

Apparently, his works are now pubic domain, and many recordings of his works are available for free with a quick Google search.

In my searching, I found a fairly new podcast, the hppodcraft. In each episode, pick one short story, play excerpts from it and discuss it. One of the hosts is a student of literature, so the discussion is often enlightening.

Can’t wait for them to tackle “Call of Cthulhu.”