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Campaign: The Glittering Night |

System: Vampire 5th Edition |

GM: Stu |

Players: Joey, Pooja, Stork, Samantha, Jim|

Info: It has been three years since the Mote of Sin Incident. Prince Miroslav has brought his old-world sensibilities to this modern domain, Los Angeles. But for an Anarch incursion in the San Fernando Valley, the Kindred of the Glittering Night have lived in relative peace, playing their dangerous game of court intrigue, feeding upon the Kine and living night-by-night.

Five Ancillae, in their domain of Atwater Village, wake to discover that the Second Inquisition has come to town.

Will the Anarchs and Camarilla join forces against this new dangerous foe? Or, as has happened in many other cities, will the Kindred continue their dangerous game until they meet their fiery Final Death at the hands of this new Inquisition?  | 


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