EXODUS08 Happy Jacks RPG Actual Play, Exodus, Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed.

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Campaign: Exodus |

System: Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed |

GM: Stu |

Players: Kimi, Joey, Pooja, Stork |

Info: The Exodus Foundation: a beacon of light in the dark, cold vacuum of space. As humankind broke from the bonds of Einsteinian laws to conquer space, someone has to protect the downtrodden and forgotten.  They are troubleshooters, humanitarians and over-all bad asses but will they be able to survive what awaits them? |


Visit happyjacks.org/exodus for a full list of this game’s videos and podcasts. |

Tags: podcast, podcasts, rpg, actual play, rpg ap, mongoose traveller, Exodus, science fiction |