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The Happy Jacks RPG Advice Show combines friendships, table-top RPGs, and unbridled enthusiasm to bring you a weekly round table discussion that is informative, honest and funny. If you’re looking for an RPG advice show with diverse opinions and a slightly infantile sense of humor, look no further — you’re home.

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Advice Show Podcast Episodes

  • HJRP S30E23 | Playing Straight White Guys, Pacing Convention One-Shots, & Managing Player Schedules
    ◇ Summary: Ken in Canada asks if it’s ok to just RP straight white guy characters as a player, James from the Panhandle asks about pacing a 1 shot with no test runs, & Rob in Australia asks about what systems work well for managing inconsistent schedules where players end up missing sessions | Hosts: […]
  • HJRP S30E22 | Player Advice, Safety Tool Question, & a Father’s Reply
    ◇ Summary: Forlornhope22 wants us to give some player advice for a change, Alverant wants more information about using a specific safety tool in games, & Friar Greg responds to his kid’s show email from a few episodes back | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Bill (@billroper) ◇ 0:33 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 1:54 – […]
  • HJRP S30E21 | Strange Gaming Locations, Healthy LARP Wisdom, & a Contest!
    ◇ Summary: Weird places to play TTRPGs, Healthy LARP communities and safety tools, & Using Decuma for D&D and a GIVEAWAY! | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Bill (@billroper) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 2:54 – Announcements: Subscribe to us on Youtube! It’s free and helps the show! youtube.com/happyjacksrpg | 4:08 – Erica asks […]
  • HJRP S30E20 | Categorizing RPGs, Crime & Punishment, & GMing Masks One-shots
    ◇ Summary: Mike shares his TTRPG categorizing system, Zed wants to keep crime and punishment fun in his campaign, and Jo-Lene has some wisdom to share about GMing Masks one-shots | Hosts: Riley (@rileyjsilverman), & Nick (@Sungrowler), ◇ 0:33 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 0:56 – Announcements: Strategicon is happening Sept 2-3rd! Some of […]
  • HJRP S30E19 | Balancing Factions, Obsidian Portal Info, & a GOT Horror Story
    ◇ Summary: Kettle from Germany asks how a GM should balance a large number of factions in their campaign world, Mike from Michigan corrects us about Obsidian Portal, and Erica shares a convention horror story | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Riley (@rileyjsilverman), & Nick (@Sungrowler), ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 1:25 – Announcements: […]
  • HJRP S30E18 | Campaign Location Journaling, Running Ten Candles, Vampire LARP Horror Story
    ◇ Summary: Savage Stalker shares a fantastic journaling technique that helps with world building, Jan-Egil from Norway asks for advice on running Ten Candles for the first time at a convention, and James from NJ shares a Vampire LARP horror story. | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Jason (@itsProbablyOk), & Nick (@Sungrowler), ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & […]
  • HJRP S30E17 | GMs taking Stuff, Con Horror Story, & a Son’s Shout Out
    ◇ Summary: Michael disagrees with us about GMs taking stuff away, Mike F in New York shares a gaming horror story that was partially his fault, and second generation Happy Jacks fan shares about Jackercon and has a message for his dad | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Jason (@itsProbablyOk) , Vyrrk (@Vyrrk) , and Stork ◇ […]
  • HJRP S30E16 | What’s a Traditional TTRPG?, Accessibility in Games
    ◇ Summary: What do people mean when they say “traditional” tabletop rpg?, and discussing accessibility features that are build into games | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Nick (@Sungrowler), and Kurt ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 1:24 – Announcements: More sound tweaks and improvements are coming! | 4:27 – Edward asks what we mean […]
  • HJRP S30E15 | Player Harmony, more on Improv Exercises, and using Obsidian Portal
    ◇ Summary: How to achieve player harmony in a mismatched gaming group, a success story about using improv games at the table, and getting players to participate outside of game time in things like Obsidian Portal | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Adam (@hoobuk), and Stork ◇ 0:35 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 2:48 – Announcements: […]
  • HJRP S30E14 | GMs using Visual Aids, Finding Fellow Gamers, & GMing One-Shots
    ◇ Summary: Can a GM use too many visual aids, how to subtly recognize other gamers in the wild, and best practices for running a one-shot | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Nick (@Sungrowler), Adam (@hoobuk), Jay (@jayafrica) ◇ 0:36 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 1:16 – Announcements: Upcoming Actual Plays & JackerCon Update | 5:21 […]
  • HJRP S30E13 | Campaigns About Locations, Convention Game Horror Story, and Old D&D Product Re-releases
    ◇ Summary: How to make a location the star of a campaign, a horror story about a convention horror game, why releasing old editions of D&D products could be a good marketing strategy | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Nick (@Sungrowler), Stork ◇ 0:33 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 1:22 – Announcements: Upcoming Actual Plays & […]
  • HJRP S30E12 | Historical TTRPG campaigns, Perfect Systems for Setting, & Organizing Campaign Notes in Google
    ◇ Summary: Systems that are good for historical TTRPG campaigns that have as much roleplaying as sieges and wars, thoughts on systems that capture their intended setting and tone perfectly, & advice on organizing campaign notes in Google | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Nick (@Sungrowler), Jameson, and Riley (@rileyjsilverman) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary, […]
  • HJRP S30E11 | Improv for Gamers, a Favorite RPG Moment, & Another Decuma Idea
    ◇ Summary: Using improv games to avoid boring sessions, new listener shares his favorite gaming moment, & using Decuma to get your group to play a new game system! | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stu (@srvenable), and Jason (@itsprobablyok) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary, 2:25 – Announcements: Please leave a us a (good) review! […]
  • HJRP S30E010 | Homebrewing Worlds, Space Trucker Money, & Coriolis
    ◇ Summary: How deep to make homebrewed worlds, Space truckers and money in the Alien RPG, & Coriolis the Third Horizon | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, and CADave (@casithlord) ◇ 0:37 – Welcome & Episode Summary, 1:51 – Announcements: Please leave a us a (good) review! 3:37 – Whizzard asks about how deep we delve […]
  • HJRP S30E09 | Game Jams, New Player Tropes, Con Memories, & More
    ◇ Summary: DriveThruRPG Game Jams, New Player Tropes, Big Bad Con Memories, & How to start GMing | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Jay (@jayafrica), and Clara (@clearly_golden) ◇ 0:35 – Welcome & Episode Summary, 1:32 – Announcements: Please leave a us a (good) review! 3:14 – News: DriveThruRPG is doing a game jam!, 14:30 – Heath […]
  • HJRP S30E08 | Intriguing Villains, Pranks gone Wrong, & a GM Mistake
    ◇ Summary: How to create intriguing villains, a PC’s pranks go too far, and fixing a common GM mistake | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, and Clara (@clearly_golden) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary, 1:37 – Announcements: JackerCon 2022 is July 22-25. Sign up at happyjacks.org/jc , 5:40 – Clara talks about our current actual […]
  • HJRP S30E07 | Benefits of Imbalance, GMing for 10 Players, & a TPK Story
    ◇ Summary: Using “Stars & Wishes” while GMing, Playing RPGs with Kids of different ages, and a happy story about becoming a GM | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, and Joey (@Feywilde85) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary, 3:44 – Announcements: JackerCon 2022 is July 22-25. Sign up at happyjacks.org/jc 5:45 – Gerald from Toranto […]
  • HJRP S30E06 | GMing with “Stars & Wishes”, Playing with Kids, & GM Success Story
    ◇ Summary: Using “Stars & Wishes” while GMing, Playing RPGs with Kids of different ages, and a happy story about becoming a GM | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, and Joey (@Feywilde85) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary, 1:25 – Announcements: JackerCon 2022 is July 22-25. Sign up at happyjacks.org/jc 3:36 – Vyrrk in DC […]