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The Happy Jacks RPG Advice Show combines friendships, table-top RPGs, and unbridled enthusiasm to bring you a weekly round table discussion that is informative, honest and funny. If you’re looking for an RPG advice show with diverse opinions and a slightly infantile sense of humor, look no further — you’re home.

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Advice Show Podcast Episodes

  • HJRP S30E05 | Too Many Plot Threads, Items as Aspects & D&D’s Marketing
    ◇ Summary: How to tell if you have the right number of plot threads, Having Items as PC Aspects in Fate, & why D&D has lasted while other systems faded away | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, and Moe (@ashyfeet1) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary, 3:11 – Announcements, 7:10 – Forlornhope22 asks how many […]
  • HJRP S30E04 | Taking Notes during RP, Playing in IPs Correction, & Cheating Player Drama
    Happy Jacks Tabletop RPG Advice Show: Season 30, Episode 4 ◇ Summary: Players taking notes during intense RP moments, Playing RPGs in existing IPs, Playing with a cheater | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Joey (@Feywilde85), and Adam (@hoobuk) ◇ 0:35 – Welcome & Episode Summary 3:37 – Announcements 5:48 – Gaz asks about players taking notes […]
  • HJRP S30E03 | WOTC buys D&D Beyond, Digital Tools for In-Person Games, & PC Gear Problems
    Happy Jacks Tabletop RPG Advice Show: Season 30, Episode 3 ◇ Summary: WOTC buys D&D Beyond, Weaselcreature asks about using digital tools at the in-person RPG table, and Shawn near DC asks about PC gear and player agency. Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, and Jason (@itsprobablyok) ◇ 0:00 – Preshow Update from Kimi 1:09 – Welcome […]
  • HJRP S30E02 | Getting back to GMing, Play-by-post Games, & PCs you Can’t Control
    In today’s episode: Daniel from Australia asks about getting back in the GM saddle after a break. Forrest comes home and shares experiences from Play by Post games. Taurelin asks about player characters with a mind of their own. Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), CA Dave (@casithlord), and Jason (@itsprobablyok)
  • HJRP S30E01 | RPGs & Kids, Getting Excited about D&D, Other Shows
    ◇ Summary: Thomas from Denmark shares his rewarding experiences playing RPGs with kids. Gekko State from Canada is struggling to get excited about running D&D and Greg in Virginia wants to know what other RPG shows and podcasts we are into. Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Stork, CA Dave (@casithlord). ◇ 1:45 – Weekly Announcements – 9:20 […]
  • HJRP2915 More Immersion, A Blast from the Past & Memories
    Eric from New Jersey writes in about immersion.  We revisit Hosier Rob’s very first email. And MRCJ send us some thoughts on his history with Happy Jacks RPG. Hosts: Stu, Kimi and Stork A weekly, round table RPG advice show that combines friendships, table-top RPGs, and unbridled enthusiasm to bring you a show that is informative, […]
  • HJRP2914 Prep for New Settings, L5R Char Ideas, Schooled in Math
    In this episode: Andreas from Sweden writes in about preparing for a new setting. Sean from Philly asks about playing a low-status PC in L5R. And Thomas from Denmark “Well, Actuallies” us about our math and Savage Worlds. End song: “Windsor’s Cider” by The Merry Wives of Windsor Hosts: Kimi, Stu and Stork
  • HJRP2913 GM or System Issue, Immersion, Left Turns
    hjrp2913 In this Episode: Eric from NJ writes in about a GM/system issue.  Magic Octopus writes in about immersion.  Zed from the UK asks about unexpected twists and turns. 
  • HJRP2912 Special Announcement, GMing for New People, More
    hjrp2912 Your Hosts: Stu and Kimi In This Episode: We have a special announcement. Josh in Orlando wants to know what sort of game to run for new people.  Tanic5 sends us a few RPG stories. And Greg sends a holiday greeting from the North Pole.
  • HJRP2911 Orccon 2022, Finding a Group, DnD
    hjrp2911 Your Hosts: Stu, Mike, Stork. In This Episode: Mike from Strategicon joins us to talk about Orccon 2022, which starts February 18th. Joe from Detroit asks for advice in finding a group. Eric writes in about playing non-DnD with DnD fans. 
  • HJRP2910 Character Spice, Cortex
    hjrp2910 Your Hosts: Stu, Stork, Kimi In this Episode: We read a couple questions from Ruth from England and Daniel from Australia.
  • HJRP2909 Props, Note Taking, Paid GMs
    hjrp2909 Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Stork   In this Episode: Ruth from England sends us a 1d10 question table!  Bill from Colorado writes in about notetaking.  Josh in Orlando writes in again about paid GMs.   
  • HJRP2908 Time Keeping and World Building, Game Con Report
    hjrp2908 Your Hosts: Stu, Adam, Allie In This Episode: James writes in about his cyberpunk game. Steffi chimes in on time keeping and world building. JimTo sends us a game con report.
  • HJRP2907 Who’s the A Hole and Your Voice
    hjrp2907 Your Hosts: Stu and Stork In This Episode: John from San Francisco wants to play who’s the a-hole. And Garrett from So Cal asks about his voice and talking too much as a GM.  
  • HJRP2906 Experience Points, Pre-Existing Settings, Game Tone
    hjrp2906 Your Hosts: Stu, Adam, Kimi, Allegra In this Episode: Greg from Virginia writes in about how NOT to award XP.  Jo Lene writes in again on pre-existing settings.  Dave in DC writes in about game tone.
  • HJRP2905 Notetaking, Play by Post
    hjrp2905 Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Kurt In this Episode: Mike from PA writes in about notetaking and stuff. Gerard from Gelderland writes in about play-by-post games.   
  • HJRP2904 Gaming Resources, Settings With Preexisting Characters
    hjrp2904 Your Hosts: Stu, Stork, Kurt In This Episode: Albin from Finland writes in about two RPG related products. Jo Lene revisits pre-existing settings but with a twist.
  • HJRP2903 Modern Settings and GMs and Players
    hjrp2903 Your Hosts: Stu and Kurt In This Episode: Michael from Pittsburg writes in about running games in a modern setting.  And Aimless sends us a question (kind of a horror story) about mithrel armor.