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The Happy Jacks RPG Advice Show combines friendships, table-top RPGs, and unbridled enthusiasm to bring you a weekly round table discussion that is informative, honest and funny. If you’re looking for an RPG advice show with diverse opinions and a slightly infantile sense of humor, look no further — you’re home.

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Advice Show Podcast Episodes

  • HJRP S31E12 | Running Famous Settings, Taking Players Stuff (again) & Triumph Story
    ◇ Summary: Eric from Texas asks how much you have to know when running a campaign in a popular setting, Michael E replies to our discussion of when GMs take players stuff away, and Eric from New Jersey shares a LARP gaming triumph | Hosts: Kimi, Nick, Clara ◇ ◇ Email happyjacksrpg@gmail.com to send in […]
  • HJRP S31E11 | Convention Game Tips, Problematic Powers Part 2, & Avatar PBTA Story
    ◇ Summary: Eric from New Jersey is returning to running convention games after an 18 year absence and wants tips, Mike from New York replies to our conversation about problematic powers with opponents in ttrpgs, EricaOdd shares her experience with the Avatar PBTA game at a local convention | Hosts: Kimi, Nick, Joey, Jameson ◇ […]
  • HJRP S31E10 | Memorializing Gaming Friends, Balancing Life & Gaming, & Monster Biology
    ◇ Summary: Own from New Zealand wants to find a good way to memorialize a gaming friend who has passed away, Will asks about how to balance life with gaming, and Ken in Canada loves considering the biology of monsters | Hosts: Kimi, Nick, Christos & Jason◇ ◇ Email happyjacksrpg@gmail.com to send in a topic […]
  • HJRP S31E09 | Problems with Safety Tools, Creating Awe for PCs, & a Happy Jacks History Lesson
    ◇ Summary: Curt has issues with Lines and Veils as a safety tool, Steve can’t seem to create moments of awe and wonder for the player characters in his games, and DM Pete has finished our backlog and we talk a bit about how Happy Jacks has changed over the years. | Hosts: Kimi, Emily […]
  • HJRP S31E08 | Gender Roles in RPGs, Learning to GM, White Whale Systems
    ◇ Summary: We discuss gender roles in fictional species and societies, including ways to turn them on their head, give universal tips for learning to GM, and share our “white whale” systems that have managed to escape us all these years. | Hosts: Kimi & Adam◇ ◇ Email happyjacksrpg@gmail.com to send in a topic or […]
  • HJRP S31E07 | Canon vs. Yes and-ing, Investigation Story Tips, How to Give TTRPG Advice
    ◇ Summary: Steve in So Cal wants to discuss how to balance world-building canon while still “yes and-ing” players contributions to the world, Thomas from Denmark asks about mystery and investigation stories in TTRPGS, and Steffi in Scotland wants advice about giving advice | Hosts: Kimi, Adam, & Rose ◇ ◇ Email happyjacksrpg@gmail.com to send […]
  • HJRP S31E06 | Mechanics Helping New Players, The One Ring 2e & Being Their Only GM Ever
    ◇ Summary: We announce our December Indie Designer of the Month, Richard asks about mechanics helping new players, Adam has great advice for running The One Ring 2nd Edition, and Vyrrk is worried that he has given his players bad habits as their only GM ever | Hosts: Kimi, Riley, and Bill ◇ ◇ Email […]
  • HJRP S31E05 | Fantasy Creature Science, D&D for 44 Kids, & Safety Tools
    ◇ Summary: Batman writes in about the science behind evil fantasy creatures, Curt from Alaska asks about running TTRPGs for a group of 44 kids, and Jolene shares some advice about safety tools and has a reminder for us. | Hosts: Kimi, Adam, & CADave ◇ ◇ Email happyjacksrpg@gmail.com to send in a topic or […]
  • HJRP S31E04 | Streaming TTRPG Tips, Academic take on One-Shots, & The One Ring RPG
    ◇ Summary: Kettle from Germany asks for tips and tricks for streaming games, Steffi from Scotland offers an academically inspired way to pace one-shots, Actual Jessie talks about the The One Ring TTRPG and Kimi goes on a rant about Rings of Power | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Nick (@Sungrowler) ◇ ◇ Email happyjacksrpg@gmail.com to send […]
  • HJRP S31E03 | Changing D&D Campaign to High Fantasy, 10 Candles Con Game Success Story, & Post Con Recap Blues
    ◇ Summary: We announce our Indie Designer of the Month for November, Mike is running a low fantasy D&D campaign and wants to transition it to high fantasy, Jan-Egil from Norway updates us on how his 10 Candles convention game went, and Taurelin misses post-convention game breakdowns | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Jay (@jayafrica), and Bill […]
  • HJRP S31E02 | GM Planning Styles, Con Game Tone, & Complaint about a Past Show
    ◇ Summary: Array asks about GMing planning styles and “writing style alignment,” Steve in SoCal asks about the tone of convention games, and Patrick has a complaint about our GURPS comments | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Adam (@hoobuk), Nick (@Sungrowler) ◇ ◇ Email happyjacksrpg@gmail.com to send in a topic or question to the show! ◇ Follow […]
  • HJRP S31E01 | A First TPK, Disorganized LARP, & Problematic Powers
    ◇ Summary: Batman, yes BATMAN… ok maybe not real Batman, writes in about his first TPK ever, JoLene writes in with a LARP horror story and talks about why she went back a few times anyway, Steve in SoCal asks about problematic powers that mess with player agency and enjoyment. | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), CA […]
  • HJRP S30E25 | Inclusive and Exclusive Games, Campaign Currency, & Writing Advice
    ◇ Summary: Shawn asks about games that are designed with inclusive or specifically exclusive concepts about PCs, Rob wants to talk game currency and the Alien RPG, Jonathan asks for advice about writing adventures and designing games | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Emily (@emilyvdw) ◇ 0:33 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 2:14 – Announcements: This […]
  • HJRP S30E24 | Recovering from TPKs, Raising Gaming Kids, & a Lightning Round
    ◇ Summary: Forlornhope22 asks now a new GM can recover from a too-deadly combat encounter in a campaign, Steve in SoCal asks about how to fit gaming in after having kids and how to raise kids in a way that makes them more likely to enjoy gaming someday, and Andreas has a lighting round of […]
  • HJRP S30E23 | Playing Straight White Guys, Pacing Convention One-Shots, & Managing Player Schedules
    ◇ Summary: Ken in Canada asks if it’s ok to just RP straight white guy characters as a player, James from the Panhandle asks about pacing a 1 shot with no test runs, & Rob in Australia asks about what systems work well for managing inconsistent schedules where players end up missing sessions | Hosts: […]
  • HJRP S30E22 | Player Advice, Safety Tool Question, & a Father’s Reply
    ◇ Summary: Forlornhope22 wants us to give some player advice for a change, Alverant wants more information about using a specific safety tool in games, & Friar Greg responds to his kid’s show email from a few episodes back | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Bill (@billroper) ◇ 0:33 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 1:54 – […]
  • HJRP S30E21 | Strange Gaming Locations, Healthy LARP Wisdom, & a Contest!
    ◇ Summary: Weird places to play TTRPGs, Healthy LARP communities and safety tools, & Using Decuma for D&D and a GIVEAWAY! | Hosts: Kimi (@goldenlassogirl), Bill (@billroper) ◇ 0:34 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 2:54 – Announcements: Subscribe to us on Youtube! It’s free and helps the show! youtube.com/happyjacksrpg | 4:08 – Erica asks […]
  • HJRP S30E20 | Categorizing RPGs, Crime & Punishment, & GMing Masks One-shots
    ◇ Summary: Mike shares his TTRPG categorizing system, Zed wants to keep crime and punishment fun in his campaign, and Jo-Lene has some wisdom to share about GMing Masks one-shots | Hosts: Riley (@rileyjsilverman), & Nick (@Sungrowler), ◇ 0:33 – Welcome & Episode Summary | 0:56 – Announcements: Strategicon is happening Sept 2-3rd! Some of […]