Small Press Week, Oct 19

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johannes-gutenbergZach over at the RPG Blog II has come up with a great idea for bloggers (and podcaster too, I suppose):  Small Press Week.


He is suggesting that RPG bloggers find a small, independent RPG publisher and highlight them for the week of October 19th.

We at Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast think this is a capital idea. Seeing that we belong to a small, independent band, we understand the plight of indie creative types, trying to compete with “the big guys,” so we’ll feature a product from an independent game publisher in Season 01, Episode 12.

If you are an independent game publisher, and you’d like us to consider reviewing one of your products, please email stu at happyjacks dot org. (you can figure out the email address there, I assume), and we’ll pick one to feature.

Failing that, I’ll go down to Game Empire in Pasadena, CA, and ask Chuck for a recommendation, buy it, read it, and we’ll feature that.