The Drop: System Playtest

System: PBT-Traveller (a homebrew of PBTA and Traveller)

Draupnir, the inverted ring station in orbit around a tiny black hole, has suddenly grown from a remote research station / company town, to the gateway stop for a new rush of explorers and pioneers. How will the ring change, and how will it change the people who live there? Find out, on The Drop.

GM: Jason (@itsprobablyok)
Nick (@Sungrowler) – Sacha “Sach” Balabanov, Scav Pilot
Clara (@Clearly_Golden) – Yrsa Aven, Bruiser
Michelle (@Michulhu) – Charity “C.C.” Constance, Mechanic
Joey (@Feywilde85) – Maximillian “Max” Ego, Celebrity

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