Campaign: Great American Witch |

System: Great American Novel |

GM: Christopher |

Players: Emily, Jim, Mac, Joe |

Info: A halfway house on the edge of Salem, Indiana is secretly run by a powerful coven of witches who take in other witches that have no other place to go. Join our coven as they protect this small Midwest town from the supernatural and work tirelessly to rebuild a broken and desperate community. | 


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Tags: podcast, podcasts, rpg, actual play, rpg ap, witches, horror, Great American Novel, Great American witch, ttrpg


Game: GeneX

System: Cortex:Prime


Players: Kimi, Aabria, Mike, & Jim

Summary: Across the world tensions increase between X’s, those with special abilities, and normals. The normal people are afraid of what X’s can do, and that they will be written out of the history of the human race. In the UK, retribution and reprisals are on the rise, and incidents of violence occur with growing frequency.


Visit happyjacks.org/genex for a full list of this game’s videos and podcasts.


Tags: Podcast, rpg, ttrpg, actualplay, cortexprime, podcasts, genex