Your Hosts: Stu, Jameson, Tappy

In this Episode: Chris from New Jersey asks how a GM, who isn’t an actor, make NPCs seem real. EricaOdd writes in with an RPG question taken from real life.  Nick sends us an audio message about supporting the RPG hobby. 

hjrp2304 In this Episode: We announce our upcoming fundraiser to benefit rainbowrailroad.com. Donate at happyjacks.org/rainbow. Watch Friday, November 16, at 6:30pm Pacific time through Saturday, November 17 at 8:00pm. We’ll start with our Friday night advice…


Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Davy, Stork

In this Episode:

We discuss grokking a PC or NPC. Bobby from Belgium asks for some tips running a game over Skype. The Reverend Doctor Johnson sends a brief love note. Minnesota sends us a confession and horror story.


hjrp2014 updated

Your Hosts: Stu, JiB, Kimi

In this Episode:
GMing Tips: Fleshing out NPCs.
Ayslyn writes in about pacing a high-travel campaign.
Tomi from Finland sends some thoughts on character abilities (and lack thereof) and how that affects a campaign.
And Bill in Longmont Colorado sends a GURPS GMing success story.


Your Hosts: Kimi, Stork, JiB, Gina

In this Episode:

  • Jonas Larsson writes in about handling NPC drawbacks.
  • Charas asks about player conflict.
  • Dave from Chicago sends a long overdue Fuck You.
  • Leatherneck sends us a Player confession (and GM nightmare).


Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Bill and Jessie

In this Episode:

Daniel shares his epiphany about FATE. Dan from Minnesota asks about making likeable NPCs. Eran in London ask about explaining Savage Worlds in a web comic. Tim writes in about ending a session.


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emailus-full-sizeYour Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Stork

Show Notes! Alervant writes in with a GMing question about introducing NPCs, DiceOff asks about world building. Hour Eleven asks a thought-provoking question: do we need combat? GM Zack asks for rules heavy system recommendations. and Jonathan tells us of his DnD4E experiences and gives us a horror story.