Happy Jacks RPG shows attract an audience of active and engaged table-top role-playing game enthusiasts. If you would like to reach this audience, we invite you to consider advertising on Happy Jacks audio podcast and video streams. Our shows are streamed and recorded simultaneously so your advertisement reaches our combined audience via audio podcasts, Youtube and Twitch!

Unlike terrestrial radio or print or web-based advertising, podcast and streaming advertising provides a lasting presence within the audio or video files for months or years. Many members of our audience, when first discovering the show, will go back and listen or watch the entire backlog, meaning your advertisement is working for you long after it originally “airs.”

Contact us if you would like to inquire about our rates.

Happy Jacks Data

Month Downloads Views*
December 2018
November 2018 39,161 15,616
October 2018 39,957 13,768
September 2018 36,789 16,105
August 2018 37,502 15,186

* Includes views on both Twitch and Youtube