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STARSCAPE – In an untamed section of space, a mismatched crew of misfits aboard a salvaged colony ship try to survive

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Aldgate Adventures Title Card

Aldgate Adventures

SAVAGE WORLDS – Four desperate companions, fleeing their sordid pasts, become stranded in a snowy pass. Now, they must uncover the dark truths of a small down, and each other!

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A dark close up of a group of superheroes standing on pavement at night. Their faces are not shown but you can see their boots and capes in the street light. The title reads, "Pinnacles: A wild talents actual play" and below is the Happy Jacks RPG Network logo.


In a world where superpowers are commonplace, only a select few have the talent and drive to become true heroes.

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Going Platinum

The indie band, Next to Godliness, are the favorites to win it all in this year’s big battle of the bands!

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Heaven on High

High City, where dreams go to die. Within the mist of this 80s-tastic metropolis the residents have lost the ability to dream, and with it, their inspiration. As technology rises and art dies, four souls awaken to a world beyond their imagination, and with it, the tragic price of their admission.

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The Castoffs are the crew of the Salamander, a three-masted tall ship sailing the seas of adventure in search of family, friendship, and funding!

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A misfit group of young magic users comes of age at Inkwood, an unconventional wizarding school, famous for accepting everyone and bucking old-world traditions in stark contrast to its infamous rival, The British School. 

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London Calling

It’s the roaring 20’s and life is changing on the British Isles, but the ageless supernatural creatures that live there don’t appreciate the commotion and are making their displeasure known in deadly ways.

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An ancient wall with carved figures on it with the words, "The Eye of Horus, Temples & Tombs" . This image links to the Eye of Horus show page.

Eye of Horus

Eleanor Roosevelt’s secret society works tirelessly to keep powerful artifacts safely out of the hands of world powers. At the dawn of WWII, Ellie’s Angels struggle to keep the Eye of Horus away from the global war machine, even as Seti I walks the earth once more. A Temples & Tombs campaign...

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The Drop

Draupnir, the inverted ring station in orbit around a tiny black hole, has suddenly grown from a remote research station / company town, to the gateway stop for a new rush of explorers and pioneers. How will the ring change, and how will it change the people who live there? Find out, on The Drop.

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A white title that says "slouching towards Eldemy" with a blue outline in front of a green fantasy-looking forest background.

Slouching Towards Eldemy

The Empire is collapsing. The recent murders of the Emperor and his family are more of a symptom than a cause. A band of adventurers step up to hunt down the murderers and bring them to justice, but this is a conspiracy more vast than anyone could imagine, and the world is a distracting place.

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Planet in space surrounded with a sun rising at its edge. Title "Yuma Station" over the image.

Yuma Station

This is a time of galactic exploration. The brave, bold, crafty, and crazy seek their fortunes at the edges of known space. Rumors of vast riches and ancient tech have drawn our crew to a place called Yuma Station.

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Link to Stonetop Actual Play page


Stonetop is a small town at the edge of a world full of wild spaces and the monsters who live in them. But few people venture much beyond the edges of the village, which is not known for turning out heroes. Until now, at least…

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Link to Murmurs at the Abyss Actual Play Page

Murmurs at the Abyss

Ravenhearse University is a bastion of learning and enlightened inquiry. A team of investigators from RU uncovers a dark secret whilst studying unexplained natural phenomena. Will they survive their trials? Or will they ruin their careers, families and minds attempting to uncover things best left...

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Link to Saint Elco's Fire Actual Play Page

St. Elco's Fire

Welcome to El Camino Community College of Magic and Technology. Your future begins today! At least that’s what the brochure says. Lighthearted is a magical 80’s RPG of self-discovery. Revisit the coming of age stories of 80s films as college kids in a modern fantasy world filled with neon rainbow...

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Link so Pembrooke Actual Play Page


Pembrooke Investigations are private detectives working in between two worlds: the mundane and familiar and the supernatural. The city of Covenant is a city of parts. Most people know it as a place founded on the premise that all people are equal in the eyes of the law and society. What few people...

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Link for Great American Witch Game

Great American Witch

A halfway house on the edge of Salem, Indiana is secretly run by a powerful coven of witches who take in other witches that have no other place to go. Join our coven as they protect this small Midwest town from the supernatural and work tirelessly to rebuild a broken and desperate community.

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The Glittering Night Actual Play Page

The Glittering Night

It has been three years since the Mote of Sin Incident. Prince Miroslav has brought his old-world sensibilities to this modern domain, Los Angeles. But for an Anarch incursion in the San Fernando Valley, the Kindred of the Glittering Night have lived in relative peace, playing their dangerous game...

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Link to City of Towers Actual Play Page

City of Towers

Not even the winds of change can cool off a summer in Sharn. The City of Towers follows four regular adventurers learning tales of friendly undead looking for help. But honestly, what’s the worst that could happen?

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Dying Embers

Dying Embers is set in a world of fantastical technology and magic, at war with one another. We follow a band of unlikely heroes as they work together to uncover the Empire Engine’s secret plans.

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Link to Floodwater Actual Play Page


1995. The OJ trial, Oklahoma City Bombing, Forest Gump, oh, and the destruction of the Hoover Dam and subsequent flooding of Boulder City, NV. Five young adults dealing with loss and facing the fact that much of the promise of their youth didn’t pan out how they expected.

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Link to Idolon Academy Actual Play Page

Idolon Academy

Idolon Academy is a top-secret school for training young superheroes. Students dedicate their lives to mastering their powers and learning to save the world, but Idolon requires they survive their hardest challenge yet… regular old high school!

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Greenwood Collective

Greenwood Collective is a group of people who’ve rejected the mega corporate narrative. Instead they love on their own terms, in a fortified building in the Redmond Barrens. But the corps have even encroached here now, with Rise Corp “Bringing new life to the Barrens!” Will the Collective survive...

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Link to Exodus Actual Play Page


The Exodus Foundation: a beacon of light in the dark, cold vacuum of space. As humankind broke from the bonds of Einsteinian laws to conquer space, someone has to protect the downtrodden and forgotten. They are troubleshooters, humanitarians and over-all bad asses but will they be able to survive...

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Link to the Clockwise Court Actual Play Page

Clockwise Court

The fae face a constant battle to balance the dreary mundanity of the world with chaos and magic. No being can thrive too far to one side and the only way to survive is to ride the middle. Keep your head up in the World of Darkness… monsters come from all directions.

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Link to City of Mist Actual Play Page

The Seventh Vale

Once upon a time there was Marchen City. Dark, dirty, dangerous. But if you squint your eyes just right and believe, maybe you’ll see the truth hidden there.

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Link to Autumn People Actual Play Page

Autumn People

Monsters and demons lurk in the shadows of the diesel era, the light of technology as yet unable to pierce the shadows of the wild and deep. But monsters lie in wait while technology progresses ever forward; and now the spectre of war lies upon the globe. But something even more sinister lies...

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Link to the Wild Wild Talents Actual Play Page

Wild Wild Talents

The old west is a WILD WILD place! People with powers have been pushed to the edges of society to avoid being noticed in big cities. On the frontier, these meta-humans tangle with outlaws, boomtowns, and the other challenges of the WILD WEST!

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Link to Monsoon Actual Play Page


The rainy season is just picking up in Bengaluru, India and with it, the swirl of conflict between old gods and new. Follow along as our heroes navigate these treacherous waters in search of fame, fortune, and paper dosas!

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Link to Dragon Heist Actual Play Page

Dragon Heist

A grand urban caper awaits! Our party tests their skill and bravado against villains the likes of which they’ve never faced before, and let the dragon hunt begin! Famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm needs them to complete a simple quest. Thus begins a mad romp through the wards of Waterdeep as they...

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Link to Second Star Actual Play Page

Second Star

These are the voyages… The U.S.S. Barbican has been newly assigned to Narendra Station, on the far side of the Klingon Empire and bordering the mostly unexplored and mysterious Shackleton Expanse. Their mission is to explore the Expanse and secure additional resources for the Federation to ramp up...

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Link to Vault 818 Actual Play Page

Vault 818

Buried deep in the mountains overlooking the formerly beautiful downtown Burbank, Vault 818 was home to the descendants of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. Two hundred years after the bombs fell the survivors are ready to emerge and SAVE the wasteland! Unless, of course, the wasteland already had...

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Border Lands: Blood, Blade & Tusk

In medieval Europe, religion rules human civilization. However, the sudden appearance of orcs from their subterranean civilization has forced dramatic changes on society. Are the orcs creatures of the devil, a sign that Ragnarok has come, or just another race of beings trying to survive?

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Link to the Kintsugi Chronicles Actual Play Page

Kintsugi Chronicles

The war between the Great Clans continues and there is evidence of the Shadowlands corruption influencing powerful figures in many families. The Inukai family of the Crane Clan have accepted a group of ronin into their family and sent them forth to stop the corruption. Will they be able to collect...

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Link to Gene X Actual Play Page

Gene X

Across the world tensions increase between X’s, those with special abilities, and normals. The normal people are afraid of what X’s can do, and that they will be written out of the history of the human race. In the UK, retribution and reprisals are on the rise, and incidents of violence occur with...

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Link to the Insert Coin Actual Play Page

Insert Coin

Step into the alternate ’80s universe created by sci-fi artist Simon Stålenhag in this retro RPG, in the vein of ET and Stranger Things. Boulder City, Nevada is a small town with a lot of big ideas. The Department of Advanced Research into Teleportation runs one of the most advanced facilities for...

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Link to the Revelations Actual Play Page

Demigods: Revelations

The first campaign in the Demigods PBTA setting, run by author Jason Mills! Four young demigods are trying to make their way in modern day Los Angeles. They have it all: looks, brains, phenomenal cosmic powers… if only their parents (and many other gods) would butt out!

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Link to the Spaniard's Ghost Actual Play Page

Spaniard's Ghost

Swashbuckling fun with Captain Black’s crazy crew! Follow the crew of the pirate ship Siren’s Song as they ply the seas in search of plunder and adventure.

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Link to Interpol X Actual Play Page

Interpol X

All across the planet, evil is lurking beneath the surface of everyday life. While some hunt the world’s monsters on their own, INTERPOL has assembled a unique and unlikely team of investigators to respond to “Grey Notices,” threats of an unexplained nature. The XRT–Extranormal Response...

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Link to the Hollowed Plains Actual Play Page

Hollowed Plains

An uneasy quiet has descended over most of Europe. It is 1242, according to the Julian calendar, and the great threat of the Mongol Hordes have suddenly packed up and disappeared. In their wake, as they retreat from a fight they were most decidedly winning on all counts, they leave only barren...

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Link to the Razor Ridge Actual Play Page

Razor Ridge

Yeeehaaaw! A pack of werewolves face the unpredictable challenges of the wild west! The year is 1874, and the place is the small town of Razor Ridge. It might seem like another broken down border town, but it harbors a secret: werewolves!

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The first campaign in the Demigods PBTA setting, run by author Jason Mills! Four young demigods are trying to make their way in modern day Los Angeles. They have it all: looks, brains, phenomenal cosmic powers… if only their parents (and many other gods) would butt out!

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Link to the Dead Reign Actual Play Page

Dead Reign

Two angry sisters, a mechanic and an old guy with a dog try to survive the zombie apocalypse. This actual play mini-series was sponsored by the awesome people at Palladium Books!

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Link to Tomorrow Legion Actual Play Page

Tomorrow Legion

Prepare yourself for a railgun-shredding, mega-powered magic flinging journey into a post-post-apocalyptic world where supernatural horrors vie with technological empires for mastery of the world.

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Link to Just Us Heroes Actual Play Page

Just Us Heroes

A superhero roleplaying game in which a team of young heroes fights villains, saves lives, and tried to figure out who they are—noble paragons? Dark avengers? Or just regular kids trying to get a date for prom? All against the backdrop of Halcyon City, the greatest city in the world.

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Link to Desert of Despair Actual Play

Desert of Despair

In world still recovering from a devastating war, a small island on the fringe of civilization becomes the focal point for a new invasion. Can our heroes stop this new danger before it gains the momentum it needs to sink Eberron into another age of violence and tyranny?

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Mote of Sin

A group of young vampires are trying to survive a budding vampire democracy, but they face dangers and many ancient forces that do not like change.

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Star Wars Traveller

An actual play podcast of Traveller set in the Star Wars universe. DARTH VADER and his 501st Legion of Imperial Stormtroopers are powerful, but rumors of a growing rebellion persist. To this end, an elite cadre of mercenaries and a promising dark adept are summoned to the Imperial City on Coruscant...

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Saga of the Inukai

Members of the Crane Clan face the powers of darkness. The first game in our shared-universe series of L5R games and was one of our first actual play podcasts.

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A mismatched group assembled by a shadowy organization called, the Global Security Agency, and they are sent to trouble spots to deal with Nazi schemes to capture artifacts of historical and religious significance.

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Ghost Busters L.A.

The first actual play that we ever recorded. It is really rough (we recorded outside and WOW we never did that again…) but is a really fun and somewhat disturbing game. It ended up being a one-shot, but is on the feed since it’s the night that started it all.

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