The Happy Jacks community has existed since the podcast started in 2009. In that time, the members of our community have developed a unique culture that is one of the best in any gaming space!

Our community follows these guidelines:

– Don’t piss in the beer. This is a place for us all to enjoy.
– Everyone is welcome and of equal value. All community members deserve respect.
– People aren’t insults. Don’t use terms people identify with to belittle others.
– Don’t use the Happy Jacks community for soliciting money or selling things outside of the Forum Marketplace.
– The community and shows may contain strong language or adult themes.

If you would like to meet other members of the community and our hosts, there are many ways to do it!

Watch our live streams and participate in the chatroom!

Join our forum!

Join our Discord server!

Buy some Happy Jacks merchandise and wear it proudly!

Create some incredible Happy Jacks art to add to the community collection!