Stu Venable began roleplaying in the late 1970s, with the D&D Basic Set. From there he discovered Traveller and GURPS. After a decade-long hiatus from the hobby, he rediscovered roleplaying with D&D 4th Edition. He has since returned to GURPS, but he enjoys Savage Worlds, Traveller and is currently running a Legend of the Five Rings game.

He published a very controversial article in Steven Jackson’s Roleplayer #24, in June of 1991, marking him as an asshole in the RPG community. To date, he has maintained his asshole status.

Outside of gaming, Stu sells truck parts, operates a project recording studio and makes music with his folk band, the Poxy Boggards. His first podcast, the Angryfolk Music and Infantile Comedy Show, had a listenership of more than 1500. For the betterment of the entire planet, this show has been discontinued and its archive deleted.

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