Adam is a non binary (he/him), white-coded Choctaw (Chahta) from a cattle farm in rural Oklahoma. He is a costume professional, most well known for his time working on the last 4 seasons of Teen Wolf, which garnered him serious geek cred with tween girls and adult gay men the world over.

He started playing AD&D back in an undisclosed year of the eighties. He was hooked, even though his mother declared the hobby to be “of the devil.” He discovered World of Darkness in college and still refuses to give up on that hot mess.

Everything changed when he moved to LA in 2007 and got tricked into joining what was billed as a D&D game, but was actually a home brew hybrid of Dogs in the Vineyard and Prime Time Adventures. After breathing through the fear, he began to love story games, which led to his current love affair with PbtA.

After joining Nerdstrong Gym, he began gaming with Kimi who taught him how to lift heavy things and put them back down. It was there that he also met now-best-friend Jason. Adam’s single greatest achievement in the world of RPG gaming is having introduced Jason to PbtA, and the people rejoiced, for goodness resulted. This ultimately led Adam to the Happy Jacks community when Jason and Kimi asked him to run an actual play, thus Interpol X was born and life would never be the same, for the Cult of Many Abs had come to Happy Jacks.

Adam only plays insanely hot characters, and highly enjoys playing up the dichotomy of Maximum Hotness and Maximum Awkward. But he will play this combo in any system. Except GURPS.


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