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Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast is a roundtable discussion about RPGs. It includes tips and tricks about how to play a better game and how to be a better GM. It also includes copious tangents and a little profanity.

Meet the Hosts


Producer and Engineer

Stu Venable began roleplaying in the late 1970s, with the D&D Basic Set. From there he discovered Traveller and GURPS (his game of choice). After a decade-long hiatus from the hobby, he rediscovered roleplaying with D&D 4th Edition. He has since returned to GURPS, but he enjoys Savage Worlds, Traveller and is currently running a Legend of the Five Rings game.

He published a very controversial artile in Steven Jackson’s Roleplayer #24, in June of 1991, marking him as an asshole in the RPG community. To date, he has maintained his asshole status.

Outside of gaming, Stu sells truck parts, operates a project recording studio and makes music with his two groups, the Poxy Boggards and Celtic Squall. His first podcast, the Angryfolk Music and Infantile Comedy Show, had a listenership of more than 1500. For the betterment of the entire planet, this show has been discontinued and its archive deleted.


Contributor, Color Commentator

Stork is an old man with a big nose — and an even bigger bladder. He began playing RPGs in the late 1970s with Dungeons and Dragons. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, he play many other RPGs and often waxes nostalgic about them.

He also LARPed in college, at a time when LARPing was so obscure that it escaped much of the ridicule it suffers today.



Contributor, Cosplay Correspondent

Kimi started her gaming career in the 1990s with video games, mostly MMOs. After she grew weary of farming gold and dealing with guild drama, she started tabletop gaming. She is the queen of sandbox games and heavily favors the ORE system. She is also famous for dressing up as Wonder Woman and using her |33+ cosplay skills to create cool props for her players.

Outside of gaming, Kimi enjoys costuming, reading comic books, drinking margaritas, and making music with The Merry Wives of Windsor.

You can read Kimi’s blog about gaming, cosplay, comics, ren faire and more at www.goldenlasso.net . Yes, even her damn blog was inspired by Wonder Woman.


Contributor, Chatroom Monitor

Recently transplanted from the sweltering heat of AL. JiB began playing RPG’s with AD&D 1st Edition and has been playing and running games for 34 years. His current addictions (from a gaming standpoint) are Savage Worlds, Hero System and Pathfinder.
He spent a number of years doing heavy weapons combat in the SCA and is now looking for a group to study historical combat.
Infamous for his writing of long nonsensical emails, and for pontificating about, “lurid evocative descriptions”.
Outside of gaming, JiB is a software developer specializing in enterprise data communications, a USA Hockey Referee, and an enthusiastic if mediocre jazz and blues guitar player.


Contributor, Illuminatus









About the Music

Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast is recorded at the Angryfolk.com Studio, which is where most of the music you’ll hear on the show was recorded.

Here are links to the bands we’ve played on the show:

The Poxy Boggards

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Sportive Tricks



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4 comments on “About

  1. Simon Sep 15, 2013

    Dear Douches and Douchettes,

    I recently discovered the podcast a few weeks ago. I am now on a delightful grind through the back episodes and have been holding in my need to communicate until I get current (probably in 5 years or so) but I just can’t hold it in anymore (insert premature ejaculation joke here). My wife and I recently moved from NYC (where nobody admits to being into RPGs) to Seattle (where all things nerdy are celebrated). We’ve just joined a boardgaming group who only have one GM who seems pretty burned out. I’ve offered to set up a campaign even though I haven’t GMd since I played GURPs in high school (about 15 years ago). I haven’t stayed current on the new editions of since then and felt kind of like a sweaty AMWAY salesman; trying to talk up the merits of a general system. In the end the end I have settled on running a Shadowrun game using the new 5 th edition rules. Wow, game systems sure have come a long way. I was really pushed to post while listening to Tappy speak about black currant and cider (also called Snakebite in GB) in Wales. It reminded me of my semester abroad in college , studying Shakespeare in Burmingham, England. A much maligned and often misunderstood city (think Pittsburgh). It was there that my friend Josh convinced me to follow him to a dark pub in bad part of town called the Merecat. There I was surrounded by people dressed in black, all swaying to the strains of VnV Nation, Wolfsheim and Sisters of Mercy. I fell in love right then and there. For 3 glorious months we became the American mascots of the goth scene in Brum. “Cider and Black” was the preferred drink and at one of the house parties I was passed a wine skin full of home-destilled scrumpie infused with…ahem, a derivitive of cannabis. I don’t remember the rest of that weekend to this day, but I do remember my piss smelled like Granny Smith.

    I’ve probably rambled on far too long. Let me end by saying that listening to you guys makes jumping into the deep end of GMing after so long just a little bit less daunting, thank you for that.


    P.S. My wife was at your faire this year while visiting some friends who go every weekend. After listening to your stuff I have to say the slog down to LA (a city which has never been appealing to me) seems like something I might actually be into next year. Assuming The Boggards still attend.

  2. Simon Sep 15, 2013


    I am currently on episode 19 season 2, so…yeah, I’ll see you guys when I’m 40

  3. Bradley (Bradleyman) Null Jul 6, 2014

    Dear whoever reads this stuff:
    Once upon a time there was a young lad named Brad. He liked D and D, and comic books, so he became a HUGE fan of Champions . He discovered the game before Champions 3 had been published. ( which means Brad is old now).
    The small California desert town he lived in had very few other role players, indeed as Brad aged, and moved on to GURPS Supers, he was responsible for many desert dwellers becoming RPG types.
    Brad happily ran games of mostly superhero action for many years. He played fantasy games run by others during this time. Then as happens he quit running games, other activities had come to his life, and while he enjoyed playing for a short while, the GM situation dried up. Brad was sad.
    Sure there was the occasional game, but Magic the Gathering had recently happened and while Brad liked that game, it seemed to cause ALL the local GMs (there were mabey three) to turn away from story and toward “rules” (that’s in quotes for a reason, but that reason would be pages long). Brad was frustrated.
    He decided to stop gaming. He was doing theatre and other types of preforming , so he still got to pretend to be other people so that part was covered. He still read RPG world books, so the exploration of fictional lands was covered. So Brad stopped playing RPGs.
    Brad missed them, but he had discovered something else, The Southern California Renaissance Faire! When said had first arrived in Devore, Brad had landed a job as a game hawker, and with in just a few years after that was a preformer. This made Brad miss playing RPGs a lot less as street interaction was like playing an RPG in public.
    As the years passed Brad still read and talked about gaming, but with time being taken by other things, and the things Brad got from playing, he was geting elsewhere, he quit playing RPGs.
    Then very recently Brad moved to North to Washington. As the drive was long he downloaded several comic book pod casts, and then thought “I’m moving to an area known for gaming, I should down load a few RPG pod casts and get back in to that”. As Brad was choosing a second RPG pod cast (the First was “Fear the Boot”) he saw a name that caused him to pause, Happy Jacks RPG pod cast. As Brad was in the habit of mixing a song of “related nature” in between his pod casts, and as a fan of the World Famous Poxy Boggards, he stuck the song “Happy Jacks Undrinkable Ale” right after the Pod cast about six hours in to the play list, and forgot about doing so.
    As Brad drove north he became home sick. Not for the desert he was leaving, but for the Faire that was happening as he drove. He lost him self in the play list of podcasts and music as he drove. One of the Comic pod casts had a Superhero RPG episode that got placed just before the first Fear the Boot episode. That combination made Brad decide that he NEEDED to Role play again. Then he heard “welcome to Happy Jacks RPG pod cast I’m Stue”. Brad chuckled to think that a guy named “Stue” was involved with this pod cast, as there was a guy named “Stue” in the group who’s song following, both of which were “Happy Jacks”. Brad then heard “and I’m Stork”. There, in Weed Ca. Brad nearly drove off the road. “That voice and name belongs to a Boggard! ” he shouted at his car’s speakers. He then listened to people talk about gaming, in a girls allowed, “yes and” , story driven manner that made him want to game again. He then moved north and lived… Well he’s searching for a group, right now… So the story is not quite over…. But he is living happy of now if not ever after.
    And that formerly young lad, was me.
    P.S. Drink!
    P.P.S. I was in St. Blaise, the Town Criers so when Casey asks, yes I’m “that Brad”.
    P.P.P.S. Mentioning the Criers to the Boggards seems like a good reason to finish your drink and get a new one. It’s what I just did.
    P.P.P.P.S. Thanks for waking my inner gamer, I missed him.
    P.P.P.P.P.S. Reading world books with out playing the system creates the illusion that Rifts is far cooler then it is.
    P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I just wanted to reach six postscripts, drink!

  4. Bradley (Bradleyman) Null Jul 6, 2014

    I think someone should discuss if what is done at Ren. Faires counts as LARP.