Your Hosts: Kimi, Kurt, Maire and Tappy

In this Episode:  Andy from Germany wants some opinions. Christopher has some things to say on RPGs with IPs. Bill in Ann Arbor asks about personal Gold Standards in RPGs.


Your hosts: Aabria, Jim, Pooja, and J.

In this Episode: Elderman writes in about fantasy races in RPGs and how they’re bad. Fredrix writes in about portrying PCs of color. Eric writes in about his gaming group’s lack of diversity. and Bobcatt asks about a good scenario for first-time players.


HJRP1709 Your hosts: Stu, Gina, JiB, Kimi Show Notes! D writes in asking how to get his wife in to RPGs. Steve from Atlanta asks for way to encourage role-playing at the table. Joseph from the UK writes…

HJRP1706 Your hosts: Stu, Gina, Stork, JiB Show Notes: Morgan writes in to ask about Epic-feeling scenes. Eric from New Jersey writes in about a little of this and that.Allen from London (and Tennessee) share an…