Your Hosts: Stu, Claire, Clara, Stork

In this Episode: Andrew writes in about episodic games with a background arc.  Derk writes in about Animal Companions.  Byron writes in about his Pick-up-Game phobia.  Eric from New Jersey writes in about teaching a crunchy system with online gaming. 


Your Hosts: Stu, Bill and Tappy

In this Episode: John from Iowa sends us a comment and counterpoint on free RPG content.  Dale writes in about hometown gaming.  And Eric from New Jersey sends us a horror story. 


Your Host: Stu, Stork, Tyler, ProbieTim

In this Episode: Ryan from Jacksonville writes in about a TPK and PC death.  Mogen from Denmark writes in about GM appreciation, or the lack thereof.  Axel from the UK asks about introducing safety tools to a group that is previously unaware of them.  And then Ryan sends a GURPS-related horror story.



In this Episode: Joel from Missouri says that Intelligence is not a stat. Uri from On the shoulders of Dwarves defends published adventures. Toby from Atlanta asks why Initiative is a thing.

Your Hosts: Stu, Stork, Heavy Metal Jess, Kurt


Your Hosts: Stu, Tyler, Stork

In this Episode:  Erica Odd writes in about smart players playing dumb characters and vice versa. Kairaku sends a well-actually for Stork. And Just Another Busy Drone asks for some upsides on virtual gaming.

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In This Episode: Muddy Boots from New York would like to say thanks to someone who changed the way he plays. Polishogr8 sends us a plethora of questions. Dillon is worn down by a player switching PCs.

Your hosts: Stu, Christopher Grey and Stork.


Your Hosts: Stu and Stork

In this Episode: Niklas writes in about character advancement and what should drive it. GettyOwlMark is having sandbox troubles. And Rufus has a question about helplessness in gaming and life. 


Your Hosts: Stu, Moe, Christopher and Tappy

In This Episode: Adam from Utah writes in about adventuring in a peaceful city. MRCJ sends an email about good and evil. And Muddyboots sends us a horror story.

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Campaign: City of Towers (SERIES FINALE)|

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition |

GM: Jason |

Players: Rob, Claire, Pooja, Eli|

Info: Not even the winds of change can cool off a summer in Sharn. The City of Towers follows four regular adventurers learning tales of friendly undead looking for help. But honestly, what’s the worst that could happen?| 


Visit http://www.happyjacks.org/cityoftowers for a full list of this game’s videos and podcasts. |


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Your Hosts: Stu and Kimi

In this Episode: Leatherneck writes in about lessons learned from online gaming.  Moe asks about games that address challenging topics.  Ben from Tejas sends us a GMing exercise.