Your Hosts: Stu, Stork, CADave, Kurt

Show Notes: Trenchworks writes in with clarifications about his remote player dilemma. MJ in Georgia writes in about PC personalities and group compatibility. We also discuss a couple other things, including a hopefully spoiler-free discussion of The Mandalorian.

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Your Hosts: Stu and Kimi

In this Episode: Dave in DC writes in about a Con Game with a Cursed Newspaper. Simon in London writes in about multi-clan L5R games. Iain from the UK writes in about a multi-system game. 



Your Hosts: Stu, Jim Ryan, Stork

Jim (otherdoc on Twitter) hosts RPG Actual Plays on Twitch. You can find his other projects at his webpage.

In this Episode: Dave in DC sends an email about convention GMing and a question. Jo Lene asks about clans in Vampire vs Legend of the 5 Rings. And anonymous sends a horror story. 



Your Hosts: Stu, Kurt, Stork

In this Episode: Jon writes in saying, “Help! I have the party a dragon egg. Now what!?” Ken R writes in about differing gaming groups.  Jonas sends an email about being a murder hobo in moder settings. 


Your Hosts: Stu, Kurt, Stork

In This Episode: Axel writes in about intelligence as a stat. Andreas writes in about games with a command structure. And JoCrack chimes in on safety tools.


Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Bill, Tyler, Stork

In this Episode: Trenchworks writes in about playing a mixed in-person/remote game.  Ben from Texas writes in about XP for failure. Jo Crack writes in about online dice rollers.  And Jonas writes in about a game with is son.


Your Hosts: Stu, Kurt, Kimi, Stork

In this Episode: Steve in SoCal writes in about red herrings.  Scott writes in about levels of commitments to gaming.  And Erica Odd sends a bittersweet email.


Your Hosts: Stu, Claire, Clara, Stork

In this Episode: Andrew writes in about episodic games with a background arc.  Derk writes in about Animal Companions.  Byron writes in about his Pick-up-Game phobia.  Eric from New Jersey writes in about teaching a crunchy system with online gaming.