Your Hosts: Stu, Jim Ryan, Stork

Jim (otherdoc on Twitter) hosts RPG Actual Plays on Twitch. You can find his other projects at his webpage.

In this Episode: Dave in DC sends an email about convention GMing and a question. Jo Lene asks about clans in Vampire vs Legend of the 5 Rings. And anonymous sends a horror story. 



Your hosts: Stu, Dave77, Stork

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Show Notes! Matthew asks about GMing for newbies. Harold asks “does space combat have to be boring?” And Craig sends us a pseudo-horror story about GMing mediocrity.



Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Stork, Adam

In this Episode: We discuss Co-GMing. Jonas Larrsen sends us an email.  Steve from Atlanta sends praise and ideas for 10 Candles. Matt asks about con game etiquette — specifically when to bail.

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