STARSCAPE05 A Bloose if You Will | Outrunners | Starscape

In an untamed section of space, a mismatched crew of misfits aboard a salvaged colony ship try to survive. Will they be able to fly, swindle, and shoot their way to safety while being chased by one of the deadliest species in the galaxy ? Find out on Outrunners, a Starscape actual play on the Happy Jacks RPG Network. 

System: Starscape by Golden Lasso Games ( and on Kickstarter soon!


➜GM: Kimi Hughes (she/her)

➜ CADave Hoover (he/him)
– Lawrence Benson (he/him), The Outsider

➜Cai (he/they/she)
– Rhode Theyolas (he/him), The Civilian

➜ Jay Africa (he/him)
– Jonas P. Hurley (he/him), The Hot Shot

➜Samantha Terry (she/they)
– Nolvath (they/them), The Unfamiliar

Starscape is a found-family, sci-fi roleplaying game by Golden Lasso Games (

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