RPGRT001 Special: The RPG Roundtable Podcast Episode 001

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RPGRT001 – Role-playing reward mechanics.

rpgrountable300This is the first episode of the RPG Roundtable Podcast. It was released about 1-1/2 weeks ago and I’m putting it in the Happy Jacks feed so you can all have a listen.

It’s a monthly show tackling topics in the table top RPG hobby with hosts from different RPG Podcasts.

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Stu Venable from Happy Jacks RPG Podcast.
Erik Carl from Metagamers Anonymous.
Grant Woodward from Saving the Game.
Jim Ryan from Crucible of Realms Podcast andTransmissions from the Ninth World.

In this the first episode of the RPG Roundtable Pocast, we discuss role-playing reward mechanics, such as bennnies in Savage Worlds, fate points in FATE and experience points as a reward mechanic in games like L5R and DnD.

We talk about the goals of RP reward mechanics, how they get used in real life and how to use them better.

RPG Roundtable is a monthly RPG podcast, bring together RPG podcasters to discuss common issues in the hobby. If you host or produce an RPG podcast, and you would like to participate in a future roundtable, ask to join our Google+ group.