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Show Notes!  Icewall42 writes in for advice on putting together a home grown setting for RPGs. JeB from It’s all in the reflexes writes in with a real life social combat nightmare Jonas Larrsen asks about Fact Sheets. Michael from SD asks about Character Creation. Weaselcreature asks about kids and DnD. And Kenigma writes in with a Jack Chick obituary of sorts.


  • Oh gods, 11. Playing D&D at 11 got my hand stabbed with a wooden pencil by the 10 year old at the table.
    I would suggest No Thank You Evil for younger groups. It is explicitly designed to be run by 10-12 year olds for other kids (with a little adult oversight) It has built in a bunch of deescalation tools.

  • Stork, I am pretty sure Chick didn’t do nearly as much damage as you say. You want someone who did real harm? Patricia Pulling and her crusade and activism did that kind of damage.

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