HJRP1612 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 16 Episode 12

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happy_jacks_all_ages300x300-150x150Your hosts: Stu, Gina, Kimi, Stork

Show Notes! Zombie@Heart writes in asking about character immersion.  Ken asks about running games you’d rather not run. Honken in Sweden writes in about Traveller, Noobs and something else.  Weaslecreature sends a heavily medicated email – mostly about the con and last week’s show

Jorn in Sweden treats us to some information about that delectable Malort.  Sergeant Dan asks a question about pregame questions. Kurt from Murica writes in with a GM Confession.

Links Mentioned:

In lieu of Fear the Con this year, some Booters are organizing DruCon. June 3-4, 2016, near St. Louis, MO.

A Link to Kurt’s puzzle.