HJRP1518 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 15 Episode 18

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happy_jacks_all_ages300x300-150x150Your hosts: Stu, Stork, CADave and David Kizzia from Spirit of ’77.

Many thanks to David Kizzia for coming out to Pasadena for the show. Spirit of ’77 is an Apocalypse World hack available from Drivethrurpg and other online RPG retailers. For more info, go to spiritof77game.com.

Show Notes: Willow writes in to defend GMPCs. Jason asks about props. Corbin Twa asks from help as a returning GM. Mitch from Oakland writes in to defend Pathfinder Society and talks about the good work they’re doing up in the Bay Area (good on ya, Mitch!).

Chad in Michigan asks about giving players background information during the game. And Azhrei, president of the Fear the Boot forum community, relates an incredible gaming horror story.