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Episode 201

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Note: this is Episode 19, not 18 as mentioned at the top of the show.

Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Tyler and Gina

Show Notes!  Plug: JackerCon V: In Space, No One Can Hear You… The online virtual game con. Held via Google+ Hangouts. November 1 through November 9. The forum link: happyjacks.org/jackercon.

Zac from West Virginia writes in to ask how to handle proactive and reactive players. John from Texas asks how to make a setting for his next session interesting. Heavy Metal Jess asks how to screen prospective players. Hyvemind suggests we try an Apocalypse Hack.

SirGuido asks us about leaving a group and player poaching. Morgan sends us a game success story about his version of Stu’s Ghostbusters actual play. TruckerRob tells us about his one encounter with Rolemaster. Jeff in Maryland tells us about his Gencon experience.



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Episode 201