HJRP1217 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 12 Episode 17

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Your hosts: Stu, Stork, CADave and Kimi

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Show Notes!  We get a brief recap of Gateway 2014. Anthony writes in about a conundrum where his players are going through a location of great interest, but he doesn’t want them to get distracted from their current goals.  Clockwork Monk asks for some advice about running an online game (via Google Hangout). Jeff in Appleton asks for some GURPS specific questions, and here are two links Stu mentioned:

The Natural Encyclopedia (a free monster manual like document for GURPS 4th).

The GURPS 4th Edition Sorter (this tool allows you to determine which advantages, disadvantages and skills are either required, allowed or forbidden in your game, after you’ve gone through the list, it produces a document you can hand your players so they know what’s legal).

Nate in Oklahoma asks us about handling space ship battles in a hard science fiction setting, and especially, how to keep the whole party involved. Moonday asks us how to handle a DnD Encounters player who sulks when his character dies. Goodmush ask how to make player backgrounds meaningful in a military game.

DJ presents us with a video entitled the Shandification of Fallout, which explores the linear and nonlinear storytelling. Willow asks us what game to run at her work’s “funtivity” for non-gamer co-workers. And Grant from Saving the Game asks us how to make a gaming story interesting.