HJRP1215 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 12 Episode 15

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happy_jacks_all_ages300x300-150x150Your hosts: Stu, Stork, JiB, Gina

Show Notes! We discuss preparing for the unprepared — for those moments when the preparation for the game you thought you were going to run suddenly becomes irrelevant.

Len from Miami makes the statement: players who intentionally throw wrenches in the GM’s plans are douchebags. We discuss. Michael writes us about his take on distracted players. Rob writes in about finding it difficult to get enthused about an ongoing Pathfinder game.

Charles writes in about GM Burnout. The Reverend Doctor Minnesota Gooch writes in with his mathematical analysis of the advantage/disadvantage dice mechanic in DnD 5E. His analysis can be found on a PDF linked on our forum.

George writes in about playing with a group that doesn’t really want to role-play and also asks for some advice about running a campy pulp SciFi Ocean’s 11 type game.

Aaron writes in with a gaming success story and Robbie writes in with a gaming nightmare.