HJRP1214 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 12 Episode 14

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Your Hosts: Stu, Twin, Mowi and Aya

Links Mentioned:

True Neutral Comic

Sportive Tricks (featured song at the end).

Order of the Stick


Show Notes! Dan asks about going from small idea to whole scenario, which we discuss at length. He also ask about running GURPS for the first time. Larsson writes in about Order of the Stick (link above). Ross is running a class called “How to be a Game Master” for his FLGS and wants some advice.

Jakub in Poland gives some suggestions to get players to use bennies (this is in response to an email from Seth a few weeks ago). Carl hits on a couple topics: how do I get back stories from my players; how to handle the min/maxer; and an offer for Rogue Trader.

Andrew asks about running a game for all women. Rob writes in about his RPG group and their run-in with the Law. N. Eric writes in about GM ennui.