HJRP1208 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 12 Episode 08

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happy_jacks_all_ages300x300-150x150Your hosts: Stu, Stork, JiB and Erik from Metagamers Anonymous.

Erik is running a Kickstarter to start up a local game convention, called TsunamiCon. The con is scheduled for November 7-9 at the Hotel at Old Town in Wichita.

Show Notes! Joel asks us about dribbling out clues about a bad guy. Ron asks us about running a game with magic in it. Jason writes in with his thoughts of the social mechanics vs player agency debate.

Ben writes in to tell Stork to play more Gumshoe games. Ed from Minnesota writes in to tell us about the player who compulsively kept screwing over his party and how the problem self-corrected.

Grog tells us about a game-curious girl friend who asks the question, “why do you need to use dice.”